Monday, July 20, 2015

| sick weekend |

this weekend wasn't one for the books in the traditional sense.

i've been battling a stomach virus for about 10 days now so most of my weekend was spent with a bun on top of my head and comfy pj shorts. saturday i had work in the morning and after a long shift i headed home to crash. bobby met me at my house toting a trader joes bag full of wii games to play. we set up camp in front of the tv and spent hours battling each other in super smash brothers and mario party. after a while i felt really lightheaded so we went to my room and cuddled until my brother, his girlfriend, and my aunt and grandma showed up for nicks late birthday bbq. we all gathered around the table, sharing stories, and eating corn on the cob. after cake and presents everyone made their way home and i found myself back in bed. bobby stayed as late as he could before leaving to go to his brothers birthday party. 

sunday i got woken up to a work crisis and had to rush to the store to open up shop. i stayed for about an hour to get things situated then i went back home to plant myself back on the couch. bobby showed up around eleven thirty and we ate mexican food i shouldn't have eaten and watched big daddy with my dad. after that we busted the wii out again and bobby got his ass handed to him in super smash brothers (hes not writing this so i can say i won all the games and there's nothing he can do about it!) we also played a bunch of wii games and a janky version of the price is right. all in all it was a fun day. we spent the late part of the evening being silly and cuddling.

it's a strange thing; doing nothing with someone you love. it feels like everything. he gave up his whole weekend to play games and lay around with me. and there's really no one else i'd rather have kept me company. i feel myself dreading the time before i know he's about to leave. it feels like a part of me leaves every time he goes home. i'm taking that as a good sign. almost a year into this relationship and i find myself wanting to be around him more and more.

i'm a very lucky girl. a stomach virus and messy bun isn't a match for the love of my fantastic boyfriend. i look forward to more lazy saturdays and competitive sundays to come. i just hope they have a lot less stomach aches and a lot more greasy mexican food.

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