Monday, July 20, 2015

| new jobs & new changes |

last week i had to make a big decision.

do i stay doing something i love, even though it drains the life out of me?
or do i take a leap. a chance. an opportunity for something new?

i took the second route.

i've been with european wax center for about 10 months now. seven months ago i got promoted to a shift manager. four months ago i got promoted to assistant manager. and two months ago i got my final promotion to being designated manager of my entire location. it was overwhelming and scary and exciting all at once. i've been my own boss. i make my own schedule. and i get to work every single day with my best friends. but to keep up with sales quotas and expectations i found myself working six, seven, ten, thirteen days in a row. when someone called in sick i was the only person who could step up. my phone was always glued to my hand and during dinners with bobby i found myself texting coworkers and consistently talking about work. it completely consumed my life. i loved what i was doing but i was always at work. nights and weekends. and when i would be off work i would cry because i was so tired. bobby urged me to keep my options open and start looking for a new job.

right before i got promoted to designated manager i had interviewed with the same company that charla works at. it was a scanning and mail job but it was a foot in the door. i ended up getting passed up for the position and i took it as a sign that i was making the right decision for choosing to be manager.

i had completed my first month of management when i got a call. there was a new position open and a person who had sat in on my first interview was interested in bringing me in for an interview with her department; which also happened to be the same department my good friend, mentor, and old coworker jamie works in. i accepted an interview date and immediately began panicking. the entire week leading up to my interview i was at odds with myself. i was happy in my position. but man was i tired. i just decided to go to the interview and see how it went.

two days later i was offered the position.

it was the greatest and worst news i'd heard in a long time. what do i do? i literally asked everyone i could. my mom. dad. bobby. charla. jamie. marguerite. pretty much anyone who would listen. and everyone told me what i knew in my heart.

i needed to take the job.

it offered benefits, a flexible schedule, and most importantly; nights and weekends off. the freedom to walk out of work and not have to constantly be responsible for the success of an entire business.

i spent the following days crying and changing my mind. how could i leave my job? it didn't feel like a job. we had 4th of july potlucks and asked about each other about our weekends. we went line dancing together and spent our lunch breaks sharing embarrassing stories over chipotle.

but finally, i made up my mind. i called stephanie, my new supervisor, and accepted the position two fridays ago.

i have four days left of work, a weekend, and then i start my new job. i'm both excited and nervous and anxious and elated. a lot of emotions over here!

anyways, i hope with this new job i'll have more time and energy to write. i think it will be a good thing for me.

i'm excited for whats next.


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  1. And wouldn't have it any other way... You are amazing!!