Friday, January 10, 2014

| january tenth |

just a few questions i snagged from tumblr. hope you're all having a wonderful friday evening

Q.  Do you have a dream for your life? 
A.  i have many, many dreams for my life. to travel. to explore. to fall in love. but right now, my dream would be to live in a beautiful, slow little southern or east coast town. i would want char and her family to live down the street and everyone i love to be within a short driving distance. i want to work for an organization i believe in. or maybe own a little coffee/book store. i want to have 4th of july block parties, in home bible studies, and a life filled with laughter and lots and lots of love.  

Q. What is stopping you? 
A. life, currently. i have a whole lot of growing up to do. that is something i want in the future. right now i'm just focusing on the present. 

Q. Favorite song? Why? 
A.  i don't know if i have an all time favorite song. but currently i can't stop listening to country music. mostly i've been playing these two songs on repeat. i think they make me think of something i've always wanted; hot southern summer romance. 
florida georgia line: round here
jake owen: good timing
josh gracin: stay with me (brass bed)

Q. Favorite place(s) on Earth? (i made it plural because i can't pick just one)
A. burbon street in new orleans | my favorite beach in florida at night | tim's parents dock | anywhere on the road with char | my living room | 

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