Friday, January 3, 2014

| january third |


drinking: warm  vanilla spice tea with one spoonful of sugar and a dash of milk

listening: to bon iver on my new record player 

sitting: on my bed in my beautiful new room with my twinkle lights sparkling bright

looking: at wonderful things on tumblr that make my heart jump & jive in my chest

thankful: for the new year. new inspiration. the people in my life who have been beyond patient with me during this rough patch i've been going through. ten new mix cds from the best that have been slowly but surely draining all the sadness from my heart. lunch dates with my grandma. my room finally being finished. 

now some tumblr lovin'
"She exhaled her darkness like constellations." -6 Word Stories #29
"What I really mean to say is that I hope you aren’t held back because of a number. And that you don’t rush into things because it feels like time is slipping by. I hope you do what’s right for you. Hold on. Slow down. And breathe in. Your age is your age. But more importantly, your life is your life. Don’t change your journey so that it matches someone else’s. We need to walk different paths so the whole world can be explored. Revel in the differences. And enjoy where you are."
-…because I’m a twenty-something

"And I, infinitesimal being,
drunk with the great starry
likeness, image of
I felt myself a pure part
of the abyss,
I wheeled with the stars,
my heart broke loose on the wind."  
-Pablo Neruda, 100 Love Sonnets 

"I’m restless. Things are calling me away. My hair is being pulled by the stars again. " 
 -Ana├»s Nin

x's and o's 

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