Thursday, January 16, 2014

| some things i've learned in the new year |

1} panera bread's mac n' cheese with their super potato-y chips together make a very, very delicious meal. 

2} even though quitting your job that you hate and not having another job lined up is very might be the happiest decision you make in a long time.

3} as much as i've denied it. yes, i do like coconut. 

4} the cure to any depressing funk is getting out of bed, taking a shower, and going for a drive. preferably with music and windows rolled down. you can't be sad while listening to summertime country music. 

5} it's easy to have an idea of how someone is in your mind. but don't allow yourself to put the people you've known the longest in a box. sometimes they can surprise you. just as you change, so do they. learn to love the people in your life as they grow. 

6} hart of dixie is one of the most addicting shows on tv. it makes you actually want to go to alabama. 

7} just because someone means well doesn't mean they deserve to be a part of your life. walking away from people is hard but sometimes choosing happiness for yourself is worth it. toxic people won't change. they'll just keep taking and hurting. 

8} (going off number 7) choosing happiness for yourself is hard. people will judge you for the decisions you make. but every time you chose to do something for yourself it is a little victory. even if that means wearing something you normally never would wear or getting the tattoo you've always dreamed of. our lives and our happiness are measured by those beautiful little moments of victory. chase after them. 

9} it's okay to be honest about your uncertainties. while filling out an application to work for a christian organization this summer it asked what i want to do with my life. instead of giving a "good interview answer" i said i wasn't sure what i wanted to do with my life. that there are a million things i would love to do but nothing has quite fit right yet. it might be the deciding factor in whether or not i get the job. but regardless i'm not really interested in hiding my uncertainties anymore. 

10} a best friend is someone you can talk to and instantly feel like everything is okay again. 

11} the movie lone survivor is absolutely phenomenal. it makes me proud to be american. 

12} when stores have huge signs that say 75% off don't get excited. look for the tiny print that says
up to 75% off. i'm onto you urban outfitters. 

13} although i've spent my entire life with the intention of wanting to leave california...nothing really beats ice tea and a tank top in january. 

14} even though i am out of high school and past the whole "i have to see all my favorites bands in concert", nothing makes me more excited then finally getting to see a band i've never seen before play live. emery...i'm ready for you. 10 days :) 


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