Monday, December 9, 2013

the weekends over but the fun hasn't stopped

i feel like the weekend just got here and now it's monday morning and i'm missing my sweatpants. but this weekend was pretty nice, busy, but nice. here are some of the things i liked about my weekend.

- i had to work in the morning but i was working with one of my coworkers, who is also a friend, and we laughed and talked and she told me about this amazing book (that i already ordered on amazon). i'm so excited to start reading it. it's a book that gives you writing exercises to write a memoir. i'm excited to see what i come up with.
- getting down the christmas decorations and decorating the house with my parents
-listening to country music while i looked through our old ornament
-taking pictures with rosie, my doggie
- cleaning my room
- my dad letting me drive his truck to go pick up dinner
- eating pizza, baking cookies, and watching elf with my parents
- spending the entire afternoon at home, in my pjs, with my parents
- being told by my dad that i have the "sutton bow eye" and being able to put the little red bows on the christmas tree (my dads designated duty. its an honor really)
- reading this PHENOMENAL blog by my very best friend that made me cry and feel inspired all at the same time. please read it if you have the time. it touched my heart and made me proud to be her best friend and to know the beauty that she is. 

-watching a little bit of the football game with my dad
- buying the paint for my new room! (i'm so excited!)
- shopping with my mom in the afternoon
- buying my first christmas present of the year
- finding the inside llewyn davis record on vinyl for only $6!
- painting my toe nails a pretty deep wine color
- studying for a solid 5 hours straight and now knowing all 20 deep sky objects for my astronomy final tomorrow as well as memorizing all 120 study guide questions and practicing for my planetarium portion of the final
- sitting by the fire in the dark when i couldn't sleep and listening to my little dingo dog snore

- nothing.

haha just kidding. my monday hasn't been that bad. my car was frozen completely this morning but i was able to make it to work on time. now i'm finishing texting back my best friend, currently the only one in the office, listening to the bon iver pandora station, and getting ready to go to lunch. it's been a good day.

also, this is my last week of school for this semester! praise the lord almighty! i'm so happy for the break and to start reading for pleasure not for survival!

in the next coming weeks i have:
surgery on the 19th
char coming back into town!
seeing its a wonderful life on the 22nd at the crest theater with my best friend and parents
then new years which is still up in the air

i'm excited for 2014
and i'm excited to eat lunch so i'm going to go now.
love you all


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