Tuesday, December 31, 2013

| 2014 |


i'm sorry i didn't take advantage of you more
i'm sorry i was too careless with my heart
i'm sorry i spent too much time crying over things that didn't deserve to be cried over in the first place
i'm sorry for not writing more
i'm sorry for hurting the people i love
i'm sorry for investing in toxic people and places
i'm sorry for doing things that have to make me sorry
i'm sorry for always saying sorry


i want to be happier.
i want to be stronger.
i want to be lighter.
i want to be free.
i want to learn to rest.
i want to learn moderation.
i want to learn to love myself more.
i want to learn to just be.
i want to see you 365 days from now and not be apologizing anymore.
on behalf of my actions.
or mostly
on behalf of  myself and who i am.

i'm going to learn to not always be sorry. to live intentionally. and to not always be so hard on myself. this year isn't about doing or going. it's about being. that's all i want to be 2014. i just want to be. the rest just falls into place.


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