Friday, May 3, 2013

the things that make me uncomfortable

Day 3, Friday: Things that make you uncomfortable


i don't know why someone thought that putting meat into a loaf and then smothering it in ketchup was a good idea. to be honest, it all started when i was about ten years old. my brother and i were at my grandmas house and she put a meatloaf down on the table in front of us. and i swear to you, it moved. it. moved. and ever since then i have not been able to eat meatloaf.

-men who wear spandex

-when people feed each other in front of other people

-when i go into the bathroom and someone else is already in a stall. but they are sitting quietly. not making a single noise. it's like a silent war waiting to see who is going to go first. i usually end up peeing super hero fast, washing my hands, and getting out before they come out

-the moral dilemma of having to tell someone they have food in their teeth but really not wanting to

-being asked if you are pregnant 

-listening to gangsta rap with my windows down and having real authentic gangsta's pull up next to me

-the way i write my 2's

-when someone attempts at telling a joke, that is not funny, and feeling obligated to be the only one who laughs

-the awkward dance when you run into someone and you aren't sure whether you should go left or right and every way you go the person does the same

-feeling like you have butt sweat lines during summer or when you get up from your desk in school but not knowing for sure. so the long walk of shame to the bathroom to check

-holding babies


-seeing older women diligently reading books in the romance section of bookstores and watching them fan themselves to cool down from taken for revenge, bedded for pleasure (that's actually a real book, and THAT in itself makes me uncomfortable)

-wearing a dress or shorts during summer and getting the devil's revenge for having big thighs: chaffing


-people at buffets

-my entire high school experience

-dirty hair

-children who use bad words

-getting caught either picking your nose or picking a wedgy

-carrot cake

-the way some people say moist

-the noise people's mouth's make when they have "cotton mouth" and all you can hear is that dry mouth smacking noise

-being at concerts and knowing someone else's back sweat is getting rubbed against you

-lil wayne smiling

-walking in on someone going to the bathroom

-the things hidden in the dark places on the internet

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