Thursday, May 2, 2013

the long and exquisite list of things i have mastered in life

Day 2, Thursday: Educate us on something you know a lot about or are good at. 

here is a list of everything i am good at:
  • being a third wheel
  • sleeping past noon
  • crying over fictional characters
  • eating chocolate chip cookies
  • making awkward conversations more awkward
  • getting sick
  • singing out of tune and loudly in my car 
  • making my eyebrows two different colors unintentionally
  • texting my mom
  • taking over a hundred pictures of myself and only ending up with one 1/2 kinda cute 1/2 kinda disgusting one in the end
  • spending too much time looking at pictures on pinterest of vw busses and food i'll never cook
  • watching nicholas sparks movies right before i start my period
  • tripping over my own feet
  • losing my retainer under my bed for months (along with my sense of dignity) 
  • laughing at my own jokes even when no one else laughs
  • rockin granny pannies (granpans) like no ones business
  • laughing like a hyena on helium, especially in inappropriate times
  • watching movies that give me unrealistically high hopes on what to expect out of love
  • being allergic to every single one of my friends animals
  • neglecting sleeping, eating, and using the bathroom while reading a book
  • running away from flying things. for example: birds, bees, ladybugs, dragonflies, butterflies, ect, ect 
  • driving a good 5-10 miles under the speed limit when i am having a conversation with someone in my passenger seat 
  • making ugly faces at people when they aren't looking 
  • creating nicknames for my dog: sophie, sofa, lumpy, lumpkins, nutterbutter, pumpkin (her name is rosie btw) 
  • spilling food on myself in public places or when i am about to go somewhere
  • attempting (and failing) at starting the slow clap
  • stumbling over my words, laughing when i'm nervous, and becoming completely socially awkward around attractive men
  • being the only person left in the world who genuinely loves monopoly
(if you need help mastering any of these things, feel free to give me a call)


  1. there is too much good stuff in here, i don't even know where to START.

    1. you are the slow clap master.

    2. um, i still love monopoly and i will play it with you ANY day of the week.

    3. driving ridiculously slow while you talk and drive at the same time? yes. i can vouch for this. i am only thankful that it is always a decrease in speed and never an increase;)

    4. when you run away (and duck) around flying things, it is absolutely adorable.

    all in all, i absolutely love this. and i think i might steal your idea? :)

    1. char, you are the cutest thing. you can absolutely steal my idea if you would like :) i was trying to think of something i am good at and nothing came to mind. then i thought, mmm, what am i good at that isn't necessarily a great thing. i am excited to see what you come up with! and girl, lets play monopoly next time we see each other. oh, and i put that driving slower one for you! i knew you would appreciate. i love you :)