Wednesday, May 1, 2013

the story of my life in two hundred and fifty words

i am very excited to be taking part in this little challenge. a blog a day for the month of may. i am really bad at keeping up with these things but i like the topics so i am hoping i don't fail!

so without further ado this is my first post.

Day 1, Wednesday: The story of your life in 250 words or less
(i have 250 on the dot, not bragging, just saying)
midnight: september 13th, 1989. my little life began. i was born on my exact due date to an excited mom and dad. i grew up going to the same church my parents were married in and was raised to love my family, my country, and my God. i spent my early years running around with my brother with callused & asphalt stained feet and chlorine kissed hair. my mom says that when i was a little girl i was always barefoot and wild. 
 when i was a middle schooler i was awkward, insecure, and spent three days a week at church with my group of friends. i wrote poetry and saved soda cans from the drinks that cute boys gave me.
(backstreet boys concert. i wore that vest for nick carter. he loved it)
(yes, i am the one with the towel on my head. no wonder guys didn't want their sodas back after i took a drink)

 high school was the years of blue eye shadow, first loves, concerts, and figuring out everything i was not, but never figuring out who i was. the years were rough on my heart and i dealt with the loss of loved ones, the betrayal of those i trusted, and fell far away from God. 

(i wasn't lying about the eyeshadow)
(don't try to act like you didn't take myspace pictures. i know you did!)

and here i am now, in my early twenties. i have found my way back to Jesus and started figuring out who i am isn't determined by people or things. my life has been painted with friends who have come and gone, best friends who have always stayed, and bruises that have long faded away. what i have left is a heart full of love and some beautiful scars and stories.

and i am very blessed. 

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