Sunday, April 28, 2013

full hearts and full tummies

sunday evenings are such a bittersweet thing for me. i love the feeling of a week coming to an end and enjoying the last few moments of my favorite day of the week. but on the other hand it means monday is back in the picture in a matter of hours and a whole new week of work and dinners and life come into play. but this sunday night, i am nothing but thankful and happy for the beautiful weekend i was able to have.

i spent the afternoon skyping with jordan, making plans, joking and doing ugly faces at each other. i also got a phone date with char which was wayyyy long overdue. we laughed, i ranted, she told me all about her trip to tennessee, and we spent hours talking about Jesus and our friendship and all the things we are looking forward to. just as i was finishing my talk with her, tara called me and we ended up making last minute plans to get dinner. we went to our favorite place, old spaghetti factory, and giggled over pesto salads and ice teas. afterwards we took a trip to target and wandered the aisles looking at books and movies and all the in betweens. after we were done i headed over to jessica's to help her get ready for her x-factor audition that was suppose to be in the morning. but after checking online to confirm times we found out that it's not until next week. so we drank night time tea and laid in bed and finally found asleep around 2am.

the first part of my day i spent laying around with jessica and her sister rachel. we ate taco bell and watched the original carrie (which is absolutely ridiculous by the way!) after we finished carrie we watched most of pretty in pink and laid on the couches playing temple run 2 next to each other. (now that's friendship) on the way home jess stopped to get cigarettes and when i was waiting in the car she surprised me with a slurpee. it was the cutest thing. once i got home i showered and got dinner with my brother later in the evening. my friend nate and favio asked me to hang out around 10 so i went and picked them up from a friends house and the three of us went back to their house and spent the rest of the evening hanging out with melissa and richard talking about old childhood memories and plans for the summer.

i got woken up at the bcrack of dawn and got told i had to get a smog on my new car: right this second apparently. so i got up and got ready and took my car to get smogged. which ended up taking about three hours. lucky for me the dealership had tons of entertainment and creepy guys taking pictures of me. (uhh, that's a funny story...) afterwards i headed on over to tara's and we took off to go to the 4pm service at church. we ended up being late but luckily we caught the worship. which was AMAZING. i am so blessed to go to a church that has such incredible worship. my heart was on fire. we went back to her house and made dinner together which was probably one of my favorite moments of the weekend. tara got me a book called bread & wine by one of my favorite authors, shauna niequist, and it talks about the importance of feeding and cooking with those you love. it also has some of her favorite recipes which is so cute. so to be able to share that with her was so exciting. we shucked corn, she sliced vegetables, i ate appetizers, and we laughed the whole entire time. her dad grilled the steaks and the two of us along with her mom and dad sat down to a beautiful dinner and enjoyed yummy food and time together. i sat up with jamie and tara for hours talking about friends and family until all three of us were exhausted. i left their house with a full tummy and a full heart.

my sweet friend lindsay text me the night before asking me if i wanted to ride with her and her husband to church in the morning. since we live around the corner from each other and church was so good the night before i quickly accepted. i got to her adorable house in the morning where she had made coffee and cinnamon rolls. she's probably the cutest thing ever. her and i, along with her husband sat to eat together and caught up on all that had been happening since we had last seen each other. once our bellies were full of delicious icing and bread we loaded up in the car and made our way to church. our friends nicole and jeff sat with us and once again i was blown away by the worship service. my heart was so full of Jesus i almost couldn't take it. the sermon was awesome too and i was able to take a lot from it. after the service was over we all decided we were hungry so they took me to their after-church lunch place, the sandwich spot. and oh my goodness it was delicious! i'm definitely going to be going back there sometime soon! the six of us, nicole & her husband jeff, lindsay & her husband ross, mike - one of their good friends, and i ate sandwiches and laughed and talked on a picnic bench outside. it was so refreshing to be around people who love each other and love Jesus and aren't afraid to talk about it out loud. i'm really hoping i can grow in my friendships with lindsay and nicole and get to spend more time in their lives. i felt so unbelievably blessed. oh, and on the way home i was talking about one of the worship songs that i really liked from the service and lindsay's husband put it on in the car. so sweet, right? once i got home i loaded up in the car with my mom and helped her shop for work clothes and then the two of us went grocery shopping. i spent the rest of my evening doing laundry, reading some of bread & wine, and went on a sunset walk with melissa. 

and now i'm sitting on my bed NOT getting ready for bed like i should. 

but i realized this weekend that when i remove the people and things in my life that make me unhappy - i make room for God to come fill those empty places. whether it's in the moments of laughing over hummus with tara or sitting at a table full of new friends, God rushes in. and He fills the places that i was afraid would never stop hurting. 

my prayer for this week is that i won't stop feeling like i need God. i know when things are hard and i am desperate that i cling onto Him for dear life. but when things start to look up, i start to drift away from Him. i don't want that. i want to need Him now as much as i needed Him when i was crying out from a broken heart. 

i heard this song for the first time this weekend and i cannot stop listening to it. 

it guess it is now time for me to get ready for bed.
no more procrastination.
so i bid you a goodnight, my lovelies.
and i hope you have a wonderful week.

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