Tuesday, May 14, 2013

ten things that make me super happy

Day 14, Tuesday: Ten things that make you really happy

1) laughing so hard with best friend's that our stomach's hurt and our cheeks are stained with tears. 

2) that first moment sinking feet into the sand at the beach and having your toes sink down into the cool damp sand at the bottom. 

3) the simple joy of swinging on a swing set. 

4) seeing vw busses driving down the road.

5) late night drives with my favorite people blasting music with the windows down. there is truly nothing else better than that. 

6) watching videos of dance routines. 

7) the beauty and simplicity of summer. hot pink nails. days spent laying around the pool. watermelon for every meal. not having a care in the world or any concept of time. 

8) little old couples holding hands or watching the men open doors for their wives. 

9) little kids smiling. especially little kids from other countries. i feel like my heart could explode.

10) the fact that i have a wall full of pictures and a heart full of memories to remind me that i have people who love me for who i am and have been with me through it all. 

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