Sunday, May 12, 2013

swanky saturday

i don't really like saturday's blog topic of 
Day 11, Saturday: Sell yourself in 10 words or less
so i am going to be a rebel and tell you about my friday night instead. 

tara and i have been waiting anxiously to see the great gatsby for over a year and a half now. it was originally suppose to come out last november or december but they decided to push it back and it finally came out this friday! 

after i got off work on friday i hurried home and took a long bubble bath. i made sure to take my time to shave and soak and relax. if i was going to a glamorous movie i wanted to make myself feel glamorous in the process. once i was clean and relaxed i loaded up my suitcase full of make up, jewelry, dresses, heels, and made my way over to tara's to get ready. the one thing we looked the most forward to with seeing the great gatsby was being able to dress up like we were in the 1920's. we had gone thrifting and jewelry shopping together in the weeks leading up to the movie. 
all in all we spent about three hours getting ready which honestly was one of my favorite parts. all the makeup and hair tutorials i watched really paid off because once my black eye shadow was blended to perfection and my fake eyelashes were set i felt pretty. i took my time helping tara with her hair and i curled and pin curled all her hair around her head and set them with pretty gold pins. once her headband was on she looked amazing. i pinned all of my hair up and once was headpiece was on too and my dress was put in place and my pearls were strung i felt like a 1920's scarlet. 
we had her mom take a mini photo shoot of us and after we were done with our red carpet paparazzi we got in the car to head to the movies. unfortunately, our movie time was sold out and the only showing left was 3D but the girl at the counter said we looked so good and that we had come all this way dressed up that she gave us our 3D tickets for cheap. she was seriously the sweetest thing ever. 

with over an hour to kill we walked across the parking lot to chevy's and ordered the fanciest drink on their menu; which happened to be apple martini's. we made a toast and sipped our yummy, fancy drinks. even though we were in a chevy's and not a swanky jazz bar downtown like we had planned on, i was still happy to be dressed up and with my favorite company. two vodka cranberries later we paid our bill and walked back to the theater. we were seated shortly after waiting in line for only a little while  and in not very much time at all the movie started. it was also exciting to see how many people were excited to see us dressed up and a few people even told us we looked amazing and complimented our dresses. i felt kind of like a movie star even though we were just going to see a movie and not actually be in one. one thing we both decided is we wouldn't want to have to get dressed up like that all the time. it took some serious work!

in the first shot where they showed leonardo dicaprio tara and i both grabbed each other and gasped. he is one handsome man and he played a brilliant gatsby. the movie in all my phenomenal and i actually really enjoyed it in 3D. the acting, the cinematography and everything about the movie was just wonderful. i am so happy i was able to see it opening night with tara and i definitely look forward to seeing it again soon.
so there you have it. my fabulous friday night. 

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