Sunday, May 12, 2013

embarrassment is my middle name

(i had a very busy weekend so now it's time to play catch up!) 
Day 10, Friday: Most embarrassing moment. Spill.

i have definitely had my fair share of embarrassing incidents. i have been pantsed. i have fallen on my face. i have stuttered and nervously laughed while talking to guys. and i have sneezed and head butted someone when he went in to kiss me. but the first story that came to my mind when i saw this prompt was the pad incident. 

place: world history class
year: 2006
grade: junior year

i was sitting in my spot at the back of the class room in ms. johnson's world history class. she was handing back papers, maybe homework or maybe a test, and i was anxiously waiting for my name to be called. see, the guy who sat in front of me, who i happened to be crushing on at the time, had "been looking at my butt" the previous day according to a reliable source. and i, a nervous, weird, 16 year old, was hoping to give a good little shake when i walked up to the front of the class room. (HEY! don't judge me! we are sharing embarrassing stories, remember!) finally, after an eternity, she called out my name and my moment had finally come. i stood up, made sure my jeans weren't sagging, and started my strut down my imaginary catwalk. right as i was passing him and almost in a perfect viewing place to shake my thaaaang i stumbled and almost completely fell flat on my face. 

but i recovered.
nice save sutton!
whew, i think. 
at least i didn't fall on my face.

but in all the commotion i hadn't paid much attention to what i had actually tripped over and when i heard people laughing i turned around to see that i had hooked my foot in one of my backpack straps and in the process of my stumble i had launched all of the contents of my backpack across the room. including, a bright-orange-wrapped-always-super-nighttime-highest-absorbency pad. and not only had it fallen out but it had landed right between my crush's feet. i quickly started shoving everything back into my backpack like a madwoman all the while cursing myself for keeping so many things in there. like seriously, how many number 2 pencil's can one girl have? once everything was recovered i made a dash for my seat and put my humiliated head down in hopes of dying right on the spot. just as i felt the blood start to slowly drain from my tomato cheeks i looked up to see everyone was staring at me. apparently in the heat of the moment i had forgotten to actually go and pick up my paper and my teacher had been saying my name for the past minute. i had to walk of shame up to the front of the classroom with people giggling at me to retrieve my stupid homework assignment. when i finally thought things couldn't get worse my crush turned around to me to let me know that my pad was still between his feet under his desk.

needless to say i NEVER, EVER tried to shake my money maker for a guy ever again. 

oh and since we are sharing embarrassing moments let me introduce you to some beautiful pictures of me:

why i am wearing this hat and why my pants are so big?
 i will never know.
this is the lesbian mullet haircut of 2009
(as char & i so fondly reflect on)
& this is after my hair had grown out for three months.
it was that bad.

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