Sunday, May 19, 2013

i never knew she paid attention with florida on her mind

Day 17, Friday: A favorite photo of yourself and why

the first picture that popped into my mind when i saw this question was this picture. to me it symbolizes so much about my life and who i am. it was taken in march of 2012, just a few days after i moved to florida. it was the first time i had been to the beach since moving and when my toes first touches the cool sand i knew i was exactly where i was suppose to be. i walked out to the water and stood like this for a few minutes. taking in the smell. breathing the salty air. experiencing the feeling of the water. all of it. and jordan snapped this photo, luckily, and caught this moment for me to hold onto forever. see, this picture is proof that i did it. i. did. it.  i loaded up my two suitcases, i said goodbye, and i flew across the country to start a new life. i already had a job, i had just enough money to buy a bike to get me to work & a few days worth of groceries, and i had a heart ready for adventure. when i stood on that beach, my favorite beach  in all of the world, i knew i was home. and though i was only in florida for six months it was still my home, my refuge, my adventure for those warm months. i made life long friends i will never ever forget, i flirted with love, and i learned more about myself and about my relationship with Jesus than i ever had in all my life. 

this is my favorite picture because it's proof that dreams can be reached. that they might be fleeting and might only last for so long but they are real and obtainable. i didn't believe i could really do it and i did. my last night in florida i went back to that beach and stood in the same place and said goodbye. and my heart felt exactly the same.

content. ready. at peace. and so, so, unbelievably alive. 

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