Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 19, Sunday: Five of your favorite things from this weekend
(i changed the prompt, you gotta problem with that?!)

  1. spending all day friday talking to char on the phone about Jesus & our hearts & leonardo decaprio vs joseph gordan levitt in inception & our favorite disney princes and why. i think we might have talked for close to 4-5 hours and every minute was amazing. it made me feel like we were our old 3rd grade selves giggling over corded house phones about christian skate night couple-skate dreams. even after all these years i never get tired of talking to that girl. 
  2. having the house all morning on saturday to myself. i cleaned my room while rocking out to country music, did a load of laundry, went on a little drive, and ate breakfast while i watched a movie recommended to me by char. i forgot how much i love simply doing nothing. 
  3. then spending the rest of the day saturday with no makeup on and laying around bree's pool in her apartment complex. we laughed and tanned and spent the evening talking over chinese food and leatherby's and watched movies and had serious talks. before i knew it we had been together all day. that is definitely a friendship i can't wait to see flourish. 
  4. spending time with my dad just the two of us for the first time in a long time. we got sushi and i showed him how to use chopsticks (he's not very good at all). i showed him the office where my new job is and he took me to my favorite frozen yogurt place and we made fun of all the rich perfect families that came in and looked at us weird while i ate my delicious watermelon flavored yogurt (uh, yum!) then we ended up on a drive through the beautiful houses in the really fancy area of town and we snuck into gated communities before the gate shut. we looked at all the ridiculous houses in there and we had a serious talk about being thankful for what you have and how he is proud of me and my brother for our hearts and how we love people. he said he is more proud of us for who we've become than he could have ever imagined
  5. sitting down with the whole family and eating dinner together for the first time in a few months. i cleaned the kitchen with my dad and it felt like i was a little girl again and we were all a family. 

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