Monday, April 22, 2013

from april with love

happy monday beautiful people!
today is a good day.
for a number of reasons.

1) i started my new job today! i am officially the client services coordinator for century 21 select real estate company. i have my own desk, my phone says my name, and i have an empty bulletin board to fill with pictures of lovely things. to be honest, i am pretty overwhelmed right now with everything but i am hoping after a week or two i will get the hang of everything. i have no idea what escrow is or where broker to broker referrals get filed under (hint: it's not broker to broker). i also hope i get some more training because watching boring monotone narrated powerpoint slides literally made my eyes glaze over. oh yeah, waking up before 6am is also going to take some getting use to (i say this as i yawn for the 123596 time today). but i am thankful i have a job and that i get to learn new things. i am also happy about my monday-wednesday schedule for the next month. that's a pretty sweet deal. hopefully i will get a raise eventually or find another part time job while i'm not working so i can make a little extra money.

2) I AM OFFICALLY MOBILE AGAIN! after persuading and talking to my brother he finally decided to let me take over his car that our grandma gave him. he hasn't been able to pay her on it for the past year so i took it over as is. which meant friday consisted of a few hours at firestone getting four new tires, an oil change, and an alignment. oh yeah, and a crap ton of money! but i am SO happy to finally have a car and be able to get around. also, what perfect timing right before i start my new job. i am definitely one happy girl.

3) summer. summer. summer.
i cannot wait for summer. i spent an hour or so before writing this just pinteresting pictures of summertime. i can't wait. for the ice cream. the tan lines. the music blasting out of rolled down windows. bonfires. s'mores. road trips. getting lost on purpose. my friends in midtown are thinking of moving out of downtown and back into my neck of the woods and i couldn't be happier. they are just as excited about summer as i am. we have started planning rafting trips & bbqs & weekend getaways & camping trips. i also haven't been in california for the past two summers so i am definitely going to soak this one up. at the top of my list is going to the state fair. sigh. i cannot wait. i don't even know who i will be spending my july nights with but all i know is my windows will be down, my skin will be sunkissed, and i will be one happy kate.

i made this collage tonight and it's currently my background :)

4) God has been doing some crazy things in my heart. i've talked about them in a few posts and in my journaling but lately i feel like He's been sweetly breaking my little heart. mostly He's been showing me that i need to stay right where i am at. and for the first time in my entire life i'm not trying to leave sacramento. i am happy being here. and that HAS to be a God thing. i also feel like He's showing me how many people i have right in front of me to love on. i was talking to char about it the few hours i got to see her last week that i am always wanting to go out and love people in other places. in africa. in indonesia. in south america. in nashville. in florida. in any place other then where i am. because i felt that in order to be used i had to be moved (literally and metaphorically). but through some serious one on one times God has showed me that it's not always about loving on the masses. it's not always quantity but about quality. and i realized i have some people in my life who i can't wait to do some serious loving on. i don't want to be spread thin, i want to lay it on thick. and if i'm meant to do that in sacramento then i am happy to do it.

5) i recently just updated my blog and i am so happy about it. a new background, some new songs my hearts been singing along to, and new font. nothing too fancy but coming to my blog makes me feel like i just redecorated my room. it's exciting and fancy for my simple self. i haven't changed anything in a few years so this is definitely something to be pumped about.

6) i have been making time to write again. and my last two post's (the one in here and the one in osfm) i am so unbelievably happy about. i feel like the words just flowed out of me and were completely saturated in Jesus. which doesn't get much better. i find myself constantly talking about Him and wanting to write about Him and i am going to definitely not stay quiet on this subject.

7) one of my absolute favorite bands growing up, fall out boy, is off their hiatus and coming back into the scene in a big way. not only are they going on a huge tour but they released their cd a week early online and are making music videos for every song on their album. four days after their online release i had memorized all 11 songs by heart (i'm actually proud of that) and the day, and minute, their tickets went on sale my best friend from high school, jordan, and i bought our tickets. the past few weeks we have done nothing but skype for hours singing fall out boy, talk on the phone about the music, and text all day about what we are going to wear to the concert. almost ten years ago i went with jordan to see them play at a local venue here in sacramento and at the time they were four nobodies from chicago singing pop punk music. now they are huge worldwide stars and still just as special to us. i absolutely cannot wait for september 21st. jordan and i also opened our tickets in the mail together on skype since she's in florida. it has been such an exciting experience getting to share this with her every step of the way. i feel like i am 16 again. and that makes my pop punk loving heart so happy.

before we opened them
opened but haven't looked at the tickets yet

we were so excited!
that's oswald in a firefighters outfit
napoleon in a banana costume sleeping on her shoulder
(i can't even handle that dog)

she took so many pictures of my pale skinned self
then i tried to play her the few chords from a fall out boy song i know. 
i know, i know
we are totally lame haha

8) right now i am going to log off my computer, eat a bowl of rocky road ice cream, take a long hot shower, wash my hair with my delicious coconut shampoo and conditioner, wash my face with my amazing purity face wash, and crawl into bed before 10am. because i can!

hope you are all doing wonderful.
leave me a comment and tell me what you are most excited about this summer. 

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