Monday, August 13, 2012

easy like sunday morning

there are days where it's fun to be busy and hustle and bustle throughout the afternoon doing a million little things. and then there are days when just the simplicity of a perfect sunday beacons relaxation and the company of a few lovely friends. yesterday was on of those days that was so good simply because it was so easy.

i started my day with a text message from my friend amanda asking me to brunch after church. of course i said yes and finally got the strength to get my booty out of bed. church was so good and i cried my way through worship and the whole service. it wasn't the sobbing kind of cry but the cleansing tears streaking your cheek kind of cry. as soon as church was over i made my way to amanda's and we loaded up in my car, got her boyfriend jason, and the three of us drove out to rosemary beach which is about an hour or so away. the drive was pretty and the little beach towns we passed seemed unreal they were so beautiful. finally we arrived at our destination and made our way to the summer kitchen cafe and ordered lunch. and oh my goodness it was DELICIOUS. we also got abita root beer's that were to die for. after we stuffed ourselves we walked around a little bit and eventually ended up in the sweetest little dessert restaurant. amanda and jason split a chocolate molton cake and had espresso's and i got a chocolate soup with cinnamon croutons. oh. my. goodness. i don't think i've ever experienced such rich deliciousness. the ambiance of the place was so wonderful with soft music playing in the background. everything felt right in the world. once our sweet tooth's were more than satisfied we walked over to the beach and watched a sailboat pass by and let the florida heat pour down on us. after we were good and sweaty we made our way back to the car and traveled back towards all the other beachy towns we passed on our way in. we stopped in seaside, one of my favorite places out here, and went to a record store to check out their newest vinyls. i had planned on getting a great gatsby tote bag i had seen at the beginning of the summer but unfortunately it was gone. after we were done shopping we loaded back up in the car and drove back towards home. we dropped jason off at work and made a pit stop at fresh market to pick up more of the delicious root beer's we had at lunch.

once we got home amanda, her roommate amelia, and me talked, drank roots beers, ate spinach pizza, played games, and watched the olympic closing ceremonies. it was so perfect. and of course the spice girls performing was a HUGE plus for this 90's kid! after i left their house i drove around a little bit with the windows down and enjoyed the last remainder of my sunday in florida. once i got home i did some cleaning in my room, talked to charla, and watched a few repeat episodes of new girl on my laptop before finally falling asleep around midnight.

the weird thing about the day was the simplicity of it. of driving through beach towns and on scenic highways with the air conditioning on full blast and when no one says a word. just the comfort of being in the presence of people you know love you and enjoying the relief of not having to try. it was literally the most perfect sunday i could ever ask for and one to remember always. this week is the start of some pretty stressful things that lie ahead but i feel that it's all going to be okay. because in a week from now i'll look back on the past seven days and know that the best is yet to come and i did make it through this all.

so happy monday all.
i hope you found a little slice of simplicity or a big heaping of relaxation this weekend.

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