Tuesday, July 10, 2012

almost. here.

as soon as i get off of work i am going to hop in my little car and make my way to the airport..
because my mom is coming! 
yep!!! she's on her way right now to florida all the way from california! she left on a jet plane and will be here in four hours! and let me tell you something: this girl has been seriously missing her mama for four long months and is in need of some pampering and mother-daughter time. i can't wait to show her my new little life out here. have her meet my friends. show her my office and meet my boss. but most importantly i am excited to relax with her. i have never had this much time alone with my mom, time for just me and her. sure we've had shopping trips here and there and an amazing weekend in san francisco during christmas time. but a whole week to have her to myself? yes please! its time to be selfish and not have to share her with the rest of the world. the world will just have to wait.  
superhero's need vacations too.  


all i know is we are going to eat yummy food, paint our nails, lay on the beach, and road trip our way up to nashville, tennessee for a little country weekend. i even booked us the most gorgeous bed and breakfast to stay at and i cant wait to surprise her with it! seriously, i keep going and looking at pictures of it every single day.

so with that said there will be pictures and blogs to follow <3
but not for another week!
because for now i have three and half hours left of work to make it through 
then its going to just be me and my burr
(that's my nickname for her haha)

if you haven't today, call your mom and tell her you love her. if you still live with her---go and give her a big hug. it's amazing how many things you can miss about her when you move away. especially the little things like the way her purse smells. i'll definitely be sneaking a couple of smells while she's here.
 have an amazing week my lovelies!

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