Tuesday, June 12, 2012

a little weekend update

i know weekend blogs are usually posted on mondays but i am not one to ever follow the rules. so here i am, as my rebellious self, telling you about my weekend.

friday was a long day at work. i didn't have much to do, work dragged on for an eternity, and i had a pit in my stomach all day. i got a message on facebook from one of my best friends back home confronting me about words she was told i said about her. the stress of being so far from home, knowing someone lied to her and said things i never said, and the fact that she believed him completely crushed me. i started sobbing at work and when it was time to take my lunch i sat in the wal mart parking lot crying.  i ended up calling my friend tim and made plans with him for after work to hang out. the rest of work still dragged on and when five o'clock rolled around bill didn't have to tell me to leave my post at my desk. i was shut down and ready to walk out the door. i remembered i had made a phone date with my beloved friend tara and i was so tired i considered texting her and rescheduling. but i decided to call her anyways and when she answered in her sweet, soft voice i was glad i had called. we caught up, she told me about work and her friends, i told her about florida's crazy weather. we talked about our dream plans to live near each other and have 4th of july bbq's and go on family trips to historical wonders and have her tell us all about it (shes a history major and i swear to you--if you don't like studying history--she can make you love it!) after a while we got off the phone and promised to have a skype date soon. after showering and getting in my favorite sweatpants i took off to tim's house for some chinese food and movies. after the first movie my friend from back home i got the message from earlier finally called me and we ended up talking for an hour about the situation and worked everything out. it ended in tears being wiped away and with us saying what we always say to each other. i love you to the moon and back again. i was so happy we were able to resolve what happened and that i didn't have to realize what it would be like without her in my life. i ended up falling asleep during the second movie, exhausted from the day, and when i finally woke up and headed home fell asleep into my loving bed.

saturday i woke up and talked to my aunt janet for a while. she told me about her plans to go to vegas and kansas with my grandma and i assured her too many times that i am really doing okay. i hung around the house mostly all day until jordan convinced me to go to destin with her and james, her husband, for his birthday. he was getting ready to go TDY so we went out to best buy and shopped around and i found a car stero i want to buy next paycheck. later in the evening i went over to tims again so they could spend time together for his birthday and before he left. i ate left over chinese food and battled him in mario kart. we watched comedians and i went home and crawled into bed exhausted.

sunday morning i woke up early and went back to the church i first starting to go to after moving here. it was definitely wonderful and exactly what i needed. i am actually working on another post about it right now. but worship was wonderful and as always the pastor was incredible. whenever i leave beachside i feel like i am a brand new woman. after church i went home and jordan had just got done taking james to the airport. we listened to music from high school, giggled, and tried to wait out the storm that broke over fort walton. i went outside in a dress and barefeet and played in the water in the street that was up to my ankle and shins in some places. florida is wonderful like that. out of the blue a huge downpour will come and theres nothing else to do but kick off your shoes and splash in the water and watch the neighborhood kids boogy board in the street! we watched 500 days of summer, which i loved!, and after it stopped raining we decided to venture out to run some errands. we went to payless, target, and all the way out to destin to forever 21. i got a cute pair of vintage-y sunglasses, america socks, and a cute makeup eye shadow pallet. it started downpouring again and the destin commons are outside so we ran through the waterfall of water and sat in my car waiting for it to let up. we looked through pictures and watched funny videos that we had taken. after it let up enough we ventured home and watched girls just want to have fun before going to bed. and i have to tell you- i am disappointed in myself. i have never seen that movie before and i was unaware that there was an 80's dance movie i had never seen! and it was so cute. sarah jessica parker was adorable and helen hunt literally looks the same now as she did in 1985!

all in all it was a good weekend. lots and lots of rain but good quality time with good people. now only four more days and i can start it all over again! <3

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