Wednesday, June 20, 2012

explosions in the sky/wednesday thankfuls

monday night i got to experience one of the most amazing and life changing evenings of my life. i went with my friends amanda, jason, and rafer to mobile, alabama to see explosions in the sky play at the soul kitchen. i got off work early and the four of us made our way across state lines to see one of our favorite bands. after waiting in line and getting let in, we started the night off with $4 draft beers and a cheers to the night.

the opening band was good, weird, but pretty entertaining to watch. they had elements of primus, my brother's favorite band, which made me wish he was with us. but their drummer was insane and all four of us watched him drum like it was going out of style.

their set wasn't very long but i was excited that they were the only opening band because my anticipation was building. explosions in the sky has been one of my favorite bands for a long time and i couldn't wait much longer. their music has been a big part of my life and i have always wanted to see them live. from the first few cords that were played i knew it was going to be amazing. i leaned forward and squeezed amanda's shoulder and she leaned back and smiled at me. we both knew our lives were going to be changed. and changed they were. i have never in my twenty two years on this earth seen musicians play with such passion. to say they were punching their guitars and slamming on the drums would be an understatement. their hearts and souls were literally poured out on the stage for us all to see and experience. it was amazing. simply perfect.
during their set i actually had to walk out into the bar area because i had started crying. the weird thing about seeing a purely instrumental band is you would think that it would feel like something is missing without vocals. but that was not the case at all. their music doesn't need lyrics. it makes you feel like you are falling in love and that your heart is breaking at the same time. they ended up playing one of my favorite songs, your hand in mine, and i started to weep. it was so beautiful and so perfect and it made my heart fill with so much i couldn't contain it. part of me had a hard time because their music was with me during some of the hardest times in my life and i couldn't help but to remember those moments as i closed my eyes. but then, there was beauty. beauty between guitar riffs and snare drums. beauty in remembering the moments that made me feel like i was falling in love. beauty in late night drives in my home town with some of the people who mean the most to me. there are no words i can use to describe to you the passion and emotions that were in my heart that night but i do feel forever changed and so blessed that i was able to see them live. finally, after all these years.

so that is my big wednesday thankful:) here are some others...

-our shop is BUSY! i have been praying for some business because we were struggling but man has God provided. we have taken in almost the same amount of cars this week that we have since we opened two months ago. God is so good :)

-church this past sunday was absolutely wonderful and broke me down. i am currently working on a little blog about it and hope to finish it by this weekend!

-i have a hot phone date with char tonight and i CANNOT wait to talk to my best friend!

-from going to the show on monday i got to go to alabama for the first time. one more state crossed off the ole' bucket list.

-my mom is coming to visit me in less than three weeks!!! :D

-summer is finally upon us! i spent this weekend laying by a pool at a condo we snuck into! although, i still need some serious work on my tan.

-i got some sweet comments and emails on my one size fits most blog from some of my dearest friends.

-this amazing website :)

-char's boyfriend is finally coming home from deployment! <3 <3 <3

-my friends from back home and my new friends from here have been nothing short of amazing.

-getting to watch reruns of reba while at work. man i love that show!

-two more days til the weekend:D 

i hope you all take a little time today to think about all the things that you are thankful for. happy wednesday everyone :)

here is my all time favorite song by explosions in the sky<3
oh and here is their newest music video. it is ABSOLUTELY phenomenal. to put it lightly. i strongly encourage you to watch it. you won't be sorry :)
the background behind this video is taking old pictures from the 1950's and creating life in them. showing the before and after and making them real. here is the link to the making of the video. it's nice to watch it before the actual music video because it sets it up so much! click here to watch it :) to me it is a beautiful example of humanity and the beauty of life. it never fails to make me smile and feel so thankful to be alive <3 enjoy my sweets.


  1. amazing love your stories :)

  2. oh man. just the way you wrote about this band makes me want to download every single thing they've ever put out. to love music that deeply is so beautiful. sounds like such a magical night.