Wednesday, May 9, 2012

wednesday thankfuls.

there is a beautiful peace in knowing that God has you right where you are suppose to be in your life. i never doubted that i was suppose to move to florida and the path that formed before me was all in Divine timing. even if i tried to make everything that happened fall into place all on my own it never in a million years would have come together the way it did. from the finding a job to being here two weeks later. i had looked for jobs back home for eight months and hadn't found anything and the job i have was the first job i applied to in florida. it has all been a blessing and i am so unbelievably thankful that words will never be able to do justice.  i just know God not only wants me here but He is going to do some amazing things in me and hopefully through me.

but He has already been doing some incredible things for me and i just wanted to write this blog to share some of the things i am so thankful for.

-i am thankful for a boss who is understanding, supportive, and so helpful beyond words. he called himself my surrogate father once haha.

-bible study with awesome men and understanding verses in different ways i never thought of. also, getting insight into back stories in the bible.

-making the time to blog and exploring different areas of my writing abilities.

-being deep-down-to-my-soul happy.

-the thunder storm only lasting one day. (so far)

-not missing back home so much and finding peace in calling this place home.

-letters from tara and my little presents from mom that gave me a little piece of home.

-this weekend. it was definitely one to remember. friday night me, jordan, and patty got dressed up, drank mixed drinks, and had a dance party in the house. we laughed, took pictures, and attempted handstands in the house (not a good idea!). after a while we headed to the beach and we played in the waves and i fell asleep wrapped up in a sheet. there is something so beautiful about the beach at night its only something that can be experienced. afterwards, we headed to denny's for a 2am breakfast and when my head hit the pillow at 3am i was out cold in exhaustion. saturday was cinco de mayo and we spent most of the morning and afternoon relaxing and shopping around a little bit. we played cards at starbucks for a while and when night time hit we went to chillis for some fajitas and mexican food. the moon was a super moon and according to an unconfirmed source it was the closest the moon has been to earth in 10 years. after dinner we went home, grabbed comfy clothes and blankets, and headed to the beach to stare at the gorgeous moon. the three of us layed on our sheet and listened to norah jones and the sound of the waves coming in and out. the sky was cloudy but the moon was so bright you could read a book out there. i was exhausted and really relaxed so i started to doze off when all of a sudden i heard a loud bang noise. jordan nudged me and i looked up to see fireworks in the sky. one thing you need to know about me is i LOVE fireworks. absolutely adore them! and even though they only lasted for a minute or two i was so happy. i felt like it was a little gift to me :) and not only did we see fireworks once but we saw them twice. i was so happy with life i could have died right there.

-NEW FRIENDS. i would have to say that last night is probably one of the most fun nights i have had since i can remember. i met my new friend amanda on sunday, just three days ago, and i feel like i have known her all my life. we were introduced at church by our mutual friend steven and instantly hit it off. her and her roommate amelia were funny, sweet, goofy, and so much like me. we exchanged names and phone numbers and by the time i got home from church i had a facebook friend request and a super sweet text from amanda saying we are gonna be bffs. we have been texting non stop since then and last night she invited me over to come hang out. i was a bit nervous but as soon as i got there i new that right away this was the start of an amazing friendship. i met her boyfriend, jason, who is one of the most genuine and caring people i have ever met. her roommate amelia met me with lovely jazz playing in the background and a big hug. and i met their friends raefer, joel, and cole. everyone was super nice and we sat around and tried different beers, bbq'd, and talked music and shared stories. i was laughing non stop from the get go and by the time we sat down to eat my stomach already hurt from laughing. we all joined hands and prayed over the food and thanked God for old friends and new friends already becoming old friends. to be honest, being with a group of people my age and all holding hands in prayer was one of the most amazing things i have ever experienced. the fellowship and community and the presence of God was so beautiful. i have never had anything like that in my life. the food was absolutely delicious and i definitely ate way too much but it was totally worth it. after dinner we did irish car bombs which were RIDICULOUSLY yummy and started to play games. we played telephone pictionary which is the funniest game i have ever played in my life and i cried i was laughing so hard. next we played quelf which is a game i don't even know that i fully understand or even want to! needless to say we were all dying laughing and i think i might have fallen in love with the group a hundred times over. a few of the guys had to leave so there ended up only being five of us for the rest of the night. we danced and sang and made plans for future road trips. everything about the evening was so perfect and exactly what i have been praying for. one of the things that made my night so incredible was that i felt completely and totally comfortable and accepted. i didn't feel judged or insecure or nervous. i felt like they saw me and knew me for who i really am and liked the girl they saw. throughout the night they kept saying i needed to come around more and even told me im their missing piece. that made me feel so completely happy. because i hope all these people will be my friends for a lifetime and that i can give back to them what they have already given to me. i am so happy and thankful for God putting these people in my life. i feel like this is something ive always needed and i am so happy i found it.

-and last but definitely not least. having a God who loves me and always wants whats best for me.

i have so many things to be thankful for and i am grateful for all that's been given to me <3 happy wednesday friends.

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