Friday, May 18, 2012

three little words.

there are three little words i have been saying a lot lately. ive almost sung them every single day. three little words that dance on my tongue and taste more sweet than any dessert i have ever tasted. three little words that i am not afraid or ashamed to say.

three little words that cant begin to encompass all of the passion i feel behind them.

three. little. words.

God. Is. Good.

i wish they were enough. i wish the tidal wave of thanks and praise i feel in my heart would crash and tumble out and hang on their every syllable. sometimes i want to cry out or laugh hysterically at the joy in my heart. i have never in all my life been this happy. and its because i am not taking control over my life. ive let go of everything and let God take the reigns. my new life in florida hasn't gone exactly smoothly but somehow i am still so joyful. it has been seven weeks and after hours and hours DAILY looking for cars online i hadn't been able to find anything. i found a roommate, applied for an apartment, and got approved but the morning we were suppose to sign our lease she told me she is thinking about moving back to her hometown and doesn't want to get tied down to anything. ive had countless troubles getting to work in the morning. from pouring down thunder storm rain, to jerk guys throwing water bottles at me from their car windows while i am riding down the street, to completely flat bike tires the morning i am running late to work. yep. pretty much everything that can go wrong has. nothing has been stable. nothing has been comforting. in all reality im surprised i never considered running back to california weeks ago.

but on the other hand, despite all those horrible things that have gone wrong---hundreds of amazing things have happened. i found a church that i absolutely love. my bike rides to work in the morning changed from something that caused me to cry to being something i strangely look forward to every morning. i have met some incredible people who have rallied around me and become my own personal support team. people who pray to God full heartedly for me and my situation and who tell me they love me and i know they mean it. and to every single bad thing a good thing came from it. sure, pouring down rain sucks at 7am in the morning when you ride your bike but i always got a ride to work. yes, those jerk guys threw a water bottle at me but luckily when i swerved i didn't swerve into oncoming traffic. the day my bike tire went flat one of my friends came and helped me change my tire with no questions asked. and luckily i found out the roommate i was going to live with had doubts about moving before we signed a 7 month lease. all in all God has been there in every single thing. and i am fortunate that i have been looking for Him and not dwelling on the bad. i would laugh because i knew i should be stressed and overwhelmed, and don't get me wrong i definitely have been, but throughout it all i have had such an immense peace that all i can do is smile and say i know its going to be okay.

because it is going to be okay. it IS okay. and you know what? i found a car.!the one thing i have been stressing out over since i got here is now resolved. and it is absolutely perfect. i have looked at hundreds and hundreds of cars. ive driven out to go look at some in different cities and called on dozens. i didn't want to have to go to a dealer and have a car payment but last weekend i talked to my parents and we decided it might be the best thing. i was going to have to make payments for three years and for some reason i didn't have peace about it. at all. especially since the cars i planned on going and looking at this weekend weren't even cars i really liked. i didn't want to have to pay for a car for years that i simply tolerated. but, it would be transportation and the time isn't for being picky. but yesterday i started looking at cars on craigslist again and started the game of sending them all to my dad asking, "what about this one?" or, "this one looks okay." he got frustrated with me because he knew we had decided on going to a dealer to find me a good and reliable car. i finally looked at one last car and knew it was too good to be true. my dad always says, "if it seems to be too good to be is." but i sent him an email anyways asking him if he thought so and a little while later he called me and said it wasn't too good to be true! it was a little old couple that used the car for going to the grocery store or doctors appointments and didn't need it anymore. he said they had tons of calls on it and had three people coming to look at it that night. my dad told me he explained to the gentleman my situation and asked if i gave him a deposit if he would hold the vehicle for me til i got the rest of the money tomorrow. he said of course but i had to get there before everyone else. first person with money gets it. i called my friend tim who had agreed to take me car shopping this weekend and he said he could take me right away. my boss let me leave a little early from work and we were on our way. the road that takes us to where the couple lived in one of the busiest and worst roads to take...especially at 5 when all of the military people are pouring out of the base. but somehow we managed to not hit ANY traffic and made it to the town a few over really fast. the house was gorgeous, the couple was too sweet, and the car was perfect! tim did his man thing and looked at the engine, took it on a test drive, and checked everything. i sat on the porch with the little wife and politely turned down the glass of wine she offered me from her front porch chair. she told me that she was happy we got there before the other guys because after they talked to my dad they wanted to sell the car to me. i took it on a test drive, gave him a deposit, and sealed the deal by them both giving me a hug. shortly after he called to confirm the time and told me that right after we had left one of the guys who wanted to look at the car called and said he was around the corner and was disappointed he had sold the vehicle. he told me he told me he was happy it was me and to have a great night, called me dear, and wished me sweet dreams of my new car. every single thing about it was so amazing, so perfect, and all God.

so tonight after work i am going to pick up my new car. it is a white 1995 honda accord ex couple with only 80,000 original miles on it. the vehicle is in immaculate condition and looks brand new. oh yeah, and its white and has a sunroof. my. dream. car. its simply perfect.

God is so good. He provides. and He takes care of us. these seven weeks without a car have been rough. but i know that i will take care of this car like its brand new and i wont take one moment of driving for granted ever again. i am so thankful and so blessed to have found this car and i cant wait to show you all pictures of it!

i have felt God in every ounce of my being here  and i cant wait to see what new lessons i will learn, what He will show me, and the amazing woman He will make of me.

i wish i could describe the love and happiness in my heart but i know that the only way i can show its not being taken for granted is to try to let it shine out of me and show Him in every area of my life. even through the good in bad.

happy friday everyone.
i love you all.
and God is good.
in good times.
in bad time.

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  1. Nice job Katie, and yes God is looking out for you, He has started something in you that has just begun to grow and will continue to grow as long as you listen to His voice. Each day is another chapter in the story of Katelyn. Live your story, remember your story, and tell your story because as you do HE is glorified. Keep HIM at your center as you are doing now and never forget this time in your life. Take it all in, the smells, the sights, the sounds because there will be times when HE will ask you remember.HE loves you as I do. DAD