Tuesday, May 22, 2012

tuesday thankfuls

some tuesday thankfuls:

-finally getting a car! i don't think i can make this list and not put that first! im absolutely in love with my car and am now legally allowed to drive it. it cost me a whopping $650 to register it (curse you florida!) but im thankful i am able to be mobile now!

-last minute breakfast plans on sunday morning at delicious and adorable italian cafes

-slumber parties in the middle of the week<3

-finally almost finishing reading cold tangerines

-getting to celebrate mothers day with my mom from 2500 miles away and upholding our tradition of taking pictures at my grandmas house. (we made due with what we had)

-encouraging and sweet words from my dad.

-dinner dates at my favorite restaurant here.

-a beautiful sunny florida weekend. walks on the pier. seeing dolphins and stingrays. a lazy saturday watching stupid movies and dog walks at the park. seeing all the little baby turtles in the water. 

-experiencing one of the most gorgeous sunsets ive ever seen. 

-listening to the country radio station, rolling down all the windows, and being able to put down my sunroof! (ive always wanted one!)

-still loving my job and that we are getting busier.

-having the hottest date ever planned for this thursday with one of my all time favorite people in the whole entire world. a birthday celebration of pizza and champagne to follow<3

hope you all have tons of things to be thankful for this week! i certainly do!

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