Friday, July 29, 2011

from florida with love

hello my lovely friends. i know it has been way too long and i apologize. shortly after my last post i set off for florida to spend three and a half weeks with an old best friend who lives here. my behind has been parked in fort walton beach, florida for the past two and a half weeks and as my final week has begun i am realizing more and more how lucky i am. everyone who i have met says, "wow, that's awesome you just picked up and came." and i really am so fortunate and lucky to be here. for me to tell you all the tiny details this trip has brought thus far would take an eternity. so i decided to highlight my trip with some of my favorite pictures :)

she didnt want me to go
dad told me to watch out for the gators!

disney world owns my heart <3

harry potter premier

part one and two :)

white sand beaches

my best friend loves him so i had to take a picture

house of blues in downtown disney

on the tram from park to park :)

cutest carmel apples i have ever seen!

rainforest cafe fancy dinner

mount everst in animal kingdom

shes cute sometimes <3

all dressed up with everywhere to go

toy story 3 love

this was the most beautiful thing i saw. it was a huge hot air balloon. this picture doesnt even begin to show the beauty

minnie mouse, minnie ears

mom pose haha

that little kid kept pretending he was dead

peter pan <3

princess <3

punching oprah haha

my favorite part of our orlando trip. the safari



singing in the rain!

old streets of america

sully stuffed animal

sunhat :)

one of the most gorgeous, radient, neon sunsets i have ever seen

the claw!

she is terrified of people dressed up but she took this for me!

loved this place

today <3

i know this is a lot! but this has been my life as of the past two weeks :) LOVE YOU ALL!


  1. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE MORE PICTURES! I'm so jealous of your trip Kate-a-late! Hurry home lovey!

  2. love the caramel apples. total yum:)

    ah, lovely red lipstick! looks great on you.

    great pictures--what a dashing time!

  3. i adore all these pictures. i'm so glad you got to get out of california and have a little florida adventure. :)

    by the way, you are soo pretty <3