Saturday, May 21, 2011

a love letter

to my dear future husband,

hello, its me. kate. ive found myself once again thinking about you.staring off into space dreaming about breakfast in our pj's, sunday morning church, and night drives to nowhere. dreaming of always having a valentine and someone to kiss on new years under fireworks bursting to the heavens. i know my heart isn't ready for you yet and i am finally okay with that. because i want to be right when i meet you. when we fall in love. and when we start our life together. i want to be whole. i read a quote this week that said, "a man compliments a woman, but God is the only one to complete her." i loved that. because right here and right now i don't need to be waiting anymore. searching every aisle in a book store for you. trying to find you in every man i meet. praying i find you so i can fill the emptiness inside my heart. because its not our time. its my time to become complete. for these wounds and hurts to be filled and healed so i don't come to you broken and unlovable. i will make a promise to you. i promise i will fight through my insecurities, i will fight through my pain, and i will fight to become the woman i have always wanted to be for you. and i hope in return you do the same and let God mold you into the man you've always wanted to be for me. i cant wait for the love we will share and secretly i hope wherever you are out there that you might be thinking of me. because im always thinking of you.

until im yours,
your future wife.


  1. wow, kate. wow.

    words cannot describe, or even COME CLOSE to describing how beautiful, pure and perfect this post is.

    thank you for sharing your heart so openly; through that, you have touched mine.

    you are an amazing woman. and i bet the man who finally makes you his will know that even more once he reads how you felt about him even before you met <3


  2. This blog post hit SO close to home. waiting is SO hard! You write so beautifully!

    You have a very lovely blog - I love your header!