Monday, May 23, 2011

ahh, a two day weekend.

i never realized how much i have taken a saturday morning for granted. i have worked every single saturday for over a year now and this past saturday i had a full two day weekend. the whole aspect was a little thrilling, a little exciting, and ended up being a whole lot of fun. friday night i spent some time with some of the ladies from work and the plan was to have dinner then see a movie. we met at chillis for appetizers and drinks and raced over to the movies (almost dying a few times) to see bridesmaids. the movie ended up being sold out and some of the girls wanted to go home so we split up around 8:30 and went our separate ways. i was a little bummed to have my first free friday night to stay out late end so early but i walked around a few stores and headed home to work on my blog. i wrote a little and an old friend called me at 10:00 telling me she was near my house and wanted to pick me up for a movie. i of course jumped at the opportunity and we went to the late night showing of bridesmaids which was hilarious. slightly crude, but entertaining.

saturday i slept in to an hour i didnt even know was possible for me to sleep to anymore and had the house to myself. i made a strawberry, pineapple, and mango smoothie and watched an awful harrison ford movie on tv. my friend kathleen was home from canada for the weekend and had a little get together at her parents house in the evening. there was a group of six of us from high school who hung out and a bunch of her family friends. it was a strange dynamic but everyone got along really well. they served ukranian food which was DELICIOUS and everyone brought in the not-end-of-the-world-hour with a toast to life. people trinkled in and out and the sun set with high school friends around a backyard firepit talking about "remember when's" and "look where we are now's". i was the last to leave and sat with kathleen and her mom around the fire talking about dreams of places to travel and explore.

sunday i woke up not feeling very good to my tummy. i sat around the house all day in pjs and hung out with my brother for a little bit which consisted of singing songs and dancing to irish music. typical for us :) i talked to jordan on the phone for a while and finally dragged my booty out of bed to get ready for the evening. i got sushi with a high school friend, got lost in the aisles at barnes and noble for a few hours, and picked up kathleen for one more night of celebrating before she headed back to canada. we went to our mutual friend rob's house and the same crowd from the night before was there. we played a few board games, had a few intense game of b.s. (which i won both times with no lying!), and people filled in as the evening wore on packing rob's little townhouse. the girls filled up the living room talking about cute teachers, horrible professors, and all the inbetween good stuff girls talk about :) i took kathleen home around 12:30 and didn't get tucked into my covers til about 1:45am. when the alarm went off at 5:45 for me this morning i can be honest in telling you it was snoozed for a good hour and fifteen minutes making me late to work. but it was definitely worth it.

i haven't been spending very much time with anyone lately and the company was definitely nice. needless to say it was a good weekend which made it officially feel like spring is here and summer is inching its way closer to us.

i hope you all had a wonderful weekend <3


  1. ukrainian food, huh? sounds interesting.
    it's nice to spend time with people. especially people who are good to be around.

  2. aww, i'm so glad you got to get out and have a fun weekend with old friends. i love that feeling and i know that nothing is better than those moments of old comfort and reminiscing. i liked the part about the sun being the backdrop to "remember when's"--beautiful.

    sounds like a weekend you needed, my love.