Sunday, February 20, 2011

God morning

i will be the first one to admit i do not like waking up early. with my new work schedule some days i am up before the sun and beat him to work before he can even get in the sky. six days a week this is the case and i don't get to experience the sun til i am off of work. but then days like today (the one lovely day i can sleep in a week) i woke up not the preset alarm on my phone but to a feeling i altogether forgot about. the beautiful, natural, good morning mister sun alarm. i have a sliding glass door that runs parallel to my bed which makes it hard to keep any light out. as i tossed over on my side this morning i was suddenly blinded by a warm, dewy glow. i pulled a few of my blinds back to see a gorgeous sunny day without a cloud in the sky (last week was all rain and all dark looming clouds) i couldn't help but smile. what a gorgeous morning God has given me today. shortly after i checked my phone to see an email in response to one i sent to one of my favorite christian bloggers. everything about this morning has made me feel God. the sun showing himself after being gone for what felt like forever.  the birds singing me songs from the tree branches outside my window. the beautiful silence in my house that's never there. and just a calm happiness inside of me i haven't felt in a while. 

since i work six days a week i spend all day sunday sleeping in and running errands not ever making time for church. but not today. i am getting ready and going. so i must leave you now. try to find God in your morning today. even if it's just the perfect starbucks drink or making a green light you thought was going to turn :) God has a funny way of romancing our hearts some times. 


  1. Really cute your blog! I love it!
    Follow me? I'll be very happy if you do it!
    THank you so much!

  2. i absolutely LOVE this. simple and sweet.

  3. this post was breathtaking. i just love the way you profess your faith so, so beautifully. i have a window directly beside my bed, and though my husband likes to keep the blinds shut, i sometimes open then and just let the warm sun wash over me. it's so healing. God truly is everywhere, and looking for him doesn't take more than just looking outside.

    p.s. your comment on my blog about your grandparents was absolutely spectacular. i clung to every word--it was incredibly sweet. my grandparents had a similar love story and would have been married 65 years this year. my grandma passed away eight years ago from a sudden heart attack, and i swear to you, my grandpa hasn't been the same. he still whispers to her in bed and talks to her in the morning. it's unbelievable how strong those bonds are.