Saturday, February 19, 2011

threes of me :)

as of lately i have been working on a few pieces but with all my doctors appointments and work things i haven't had time to complete them. but i haven't forgot about you my little lovelies and i keep checking and reading all your blogs when i can. i thought for fun and because i love lists i will tell you a little more about me in threes :)

three names i go by:
1. kate
2. katie
3. marie (my mom calls me this)

three smells i like:
1. fresh fallen rain
2. everything about the mountains (the pine, the fresh-burn-your-nose-its-so-cold, wood burning fire, river smell)
3. my house. it really does have its own smell. my friends all love the smell of my stuff when i spend the night at their house

three foods i crave recently:
1. sushi
2. broccoli cheddar soup from panera
3. crepes

three people who forever changed my life:
1. charla beth- my best friend of 100 years
2. alicia- my beautiful cousin who passed away from cancer
3. nick- my brother

three songs i cant stop listening to:
1. mae- falling into you

2. sleep for sleepers- of what i have let it be enough 

3. boyce avenue- teenage dream (thanks char!)

three things i love:
1. everything and anything wedding. books, cakes, dresses, hair, venues, pictures. proposals. everything <3
2. books and bookstores! the beautiful mixture of books and coffee shop. i am slowly creating my own personal collection and hope to one day have my own library like in beauty and the beast :)
3. records. the feel of a vinyl record in your hand and the scratchy sound of an old crooners voice serenading you is intoxicating and completely relaxing

three things i dont love:
1. the nook and kindle. dont get me started...
2. technology (see above...alright you got me started!) its like everything that is great as it is has to be reinvented and made "better". books are fine the way they are, cell phones dont need to have new models twice a year and no one cares about what you are doing every second on facebook and twitter. the world was once a good place before stupid technology had to upgrade everything
3. greasy hair. it sucks.

three tv shows i love:
1. glee. musical? yes. cute boys? yes. dancing? yes. im hooked!
2. so you think you can dance
3. the office

three things i always have on me:
1. my cell phone
2. chap stick
3. flats

three "girly" movies i love:
1. the notebook
2. dirty dancing
3. the whole twilight series
(4. pride and prejudice 5. titanic 6. bride wars- i couldn't stop)

three "boyish" movies i like:
1. the departed
2. inception
3. the fighter

three random facts:
1. i don't wear nail polish on my fingernails but cant stand not having it on my toe nails
2. i love frozen yogurt and could eat it everyday
3. my hair is naturally a lions mane

three reasons i have to end this post:
1. i am at work and suppose to actually be working
2. i ran out of three's to write about
3. im hungry

have a great day loves!


  1. this was darling. i love reading all these little things about you, things i sometimes forget or maybe never even knew in the first place.

    the 3 things you don't love made me laugh!