Saturday, February 5, 2011


indeed it has been way too long since my last post and i officially have failed the 30-day challenge. i want to continue doing it so i am going to start up again monday afternoon. as of lately my life has been crazy. my work schedule completely changed so i am now monday-wednesday 8-1, thursday-friday 7-1 and saturday 8-2:30. so in addition to that weirdness and trying to get all my tests, blood work, and scans at the doctors office i have been sick. so i DO have an explanation for my missing days. in the past few days i have been taking pictures so here's a few things ive seen this week:)

the pictures above with the gun is when i went to the shooting range with a friend of mine. i don't have a picture of the target but i hit it in the dead center! i was so proud. one more thing crossed off my list (learn to shoot a hand gun) :) thanks for reading and i will be back soon!


  1. cute pics lady! i love the jeans and shoes photo!

  2. hey, sweet girl! thank you so much for your kind, uplifting comments on my blog. what a lovely spirit you have, as evidenced through these fabulous pictures:) i love the angles you chose and the saturation of the pictures. have a beautiful, blessed week:)