Monday, January 31, 2011

30-day blog challenge: day eight

Day 8 - A moment you felt the most satisfied with your life.

i would have to say i have had a lot of moments that have made me feel satisfied, alive and content. most of the moment that i relive all the time in my life happened quite a few years ago.
one of the best times was my sophomore year of high school during spring break. char was house sitting her grandmas house and i had been camping out there all week. our friend will came over and as char was showering and will was playing on his computer i went outside and laid on her grandmas diving board. and i was laying there will was playing underoath's song some seek forgiveness, others seek escape
and i felt so at peace. i felt like the luckiest girl in the world. even though it had been a hard year those are the moments that are my favorite.

another time was when char, me, and our friend joel all decided at midnight we were going to drive to lake tahoe on a saturday night. it was stupid, not thought out, but one of the best night of my life. we rolled the windows down, leaned out the sunroof like superman  and sang to the trees of the mountains. even though i was carsick, exhausted and a bit grumpy the moment when we got out of the car and stood by the lake everything in the world was right. for just a few minutes we stood there in silence and i knew at that moment i was really living.

there are other moments when i felt satisfied.

seeing my favorite band in concert for the first time

the adventure of camp every year

the first warm day after winter and the way the sun feels on my skin

little things like that make me feel like i am satisfied and truly living. none of those moments are anything special or in any special place. they were just little moments when i stopped to think about how i felt in those moments. and to me, those are the best times of my life.

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  1. i miss all this.

    i'm glad i have someone who remembers and cherishes those moments the same as i do.