Monday, February 7, 2011


well the weekend is officially over and unfortunately it is monday. i had a really great weekend filled with yummy food, finding nemo, a day to myself and a good friend. today i worked my first monday in months and it wasn't too bad. after work i got lunch with an old friend and now i am back to you dear blog :)

while i was catching up with my friend who is engaged to be married he told me all about their plans for the future and what they hope to achieve in the next two years. it sounds great. but then he asked me what my plan is.

my plan for what?

...oh thats right. my life!

it kind of caught me off guard and made me woozy to think about. i dont have any clue what i want to do with the rest of my life. there are things i would LIKE to do but who knows if its what i want to make my career in.  i would like to be an english teacher for high schoolers. i would like to own a little boutique/ coffee shop that sold cute pictures frames and adorable cupcakes. i would like to work for the military helping soldiers. i would like to be a wedding planner or work in a wedding dress shop or bakery. i would like to be involved in history whether as a tour guide, museum guide or just as a history fan. i would like to travel, spreading the love of God everywhere in every way i can.

there are so many things i love but none i can see myself making a career out of. i would like to find these answers somewhere nestled in the east coast but figuring out my plan first is most important.

regardless i am still young and have plenty of time to figure everything out. it can just be a bit overwhelming.

well thats all for now. more tomorrow <3

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