Tuesday, January 11, 2011

day two of recovery

today is the second day after my surgery. and i have to tell you. i really underestimated how much pain i would be in. well i was also expecting a 45 minute to an hour tops and it ended up being almost four hours. my doctor found a lot of things growing inside of me and had to remove them all. so now i am here with three holes in my stomach and four little ones in the middle. and they HURT. it's almost impossible to stand, move, walk or even rotate. and i am an antsy person this has proven to be difficult. my mom is here with me today and goes back to work tomorrow. i am dreading that because she literally has been helping me change and eat. tomorrow will not be an easy day. but today i am hoping to move to the couch and get out of my cave room. no pain medication has helped at all so please pray i find something that works. well this is all i have for energy. thanks for reading :)

p.s. i will post a picture of the roses my dad got me asap!

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