Saturday, January 15, 2011

almost there

week one of recovery is almost gone for good. many improvements have been made. i am walking and eating much better and with the exception of last night i have been sleeping almost a full five or six hours a night. i have received four beautiful bouquets of flowers and one very large sunflower balloon:) this week has been very difficult and challenging physically of course, mentally and emotionally. being home alone all week in large amounts of pain makes you feel more lonely then you can ever imagine. i am hoping this weekend filled with friends and family will be good for my soul. in addition a great friend i haven't seen in two and a half years is coming into town for two weeks starting monday! i can barely wait :) 

the only other news i have is my adopted solider i have been writing has returned home :) and i now have a new soldier to write to. i sent him his first letter on wednesday. now i must go and finish watching we were soldiers with my dad <3 great movie by the way. take care. 

love you all:D

1 comment:

  1. i never noticed you still had a soldier.

    praise God that your first soldier arrived home safely<3