Sunday, January 9, 2011

hello blog world

finally i can type a blog on a computer rather than trying to type one on my silly little iphone. well a lot has happened since i last wrote. i spent new years weekend in huntington beach with my best friend, her brother and a mutual friend. it was a lot of fun :) i tried adding a few pictures from the trip char posted on her blog but for some reason only this picture worked so here it is. the best cup of vanilla chai in the world <3

after our wonderful weekend we spent another wonderful fifteen hours stuck in traffic traffic trying to make it home. around 4am i was tucked into my lovely bed ready to sleep. since then i have been working, recovering from a kidney infection and getting ready for my surgery tomorrow morning. i will have two weeks stuck at home so i will definitely keep you posted on the status of that.

i have also had some other awesome things going on inside. when i was in huntington char was playing sleep for sleepers and the workday release and their lyrics were really hitting hard in my heart. i cried in the car a few times and tried so hard not to cry my throat ended up burning. i desired so badly to be close to Him. some lyrics from sleep for sleepers really stuck with me.

"i want You in all of my pain. all through my pain. ill seek You in what You give and You take. You give and You take."

i loved those lyrics. im not sure if they are exactly right but thats how i remembered them. i sometimes forget that God wants every part of our lives. even that bad stuff that hurts to bad to even speak. 

other lyrics that literally made my heart blaze in joy was the lyrics

 "to love and fall in love with You my God its You"

the imagine of literally falling IN LOVE with God is so beautiful, intimate and surreal to me. i have really been focusing on that and trying to get to that place.

i feel like my rut is finally having some light shine down in it. which makes me feel so much less ovewhelmed. i feel this year is going to be incredible. i am horrible at keeping resolutions but i do goals a lot better. so here are my new years goals

1. i am going to try to take a vitamin every morning and wear my retainer every night (lame i know)
2. i want to read a book a month. i have twelve books sitting on my desk so its the perfect number
3. i want to go to a new state
4. i want to travel outside the united states
5. lastly i want to get in shape, eat healthy and fall in love with myself

the last one kinda ties into my new year's focus. i want to go on a radical journey of love in 2011. i want to fall in love with myself as katelyn marie sutton. i want to passionately and intimately develop a deeper and stronger relationship with my Jesus. and i want to love on everyone everywhere i meet. i want to have love pouring out of me so much i cant contain it. thats what i would love to achieve by the end of this year and every year after 2011. i want it to not be only my years focus but my personal and life focus.

so thats that. please pray i remain strong. i can work through all my pain and start really living my life.
love you all <3

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  1. this is an awesome post :) i can't wait to see what God is going to do in you and through you in 2011.

    love you boo<3