Sunday, January 23, 2011

bloggity blog

i had a realization today: i fail at blogging. lately i have been reading others blogs, falling in love with photography pages and envying all the cute headline pictures and buttons for blogs. i find myself for hours bouncing from one page to the other and finding so many neat and incredible blogs.

...and then there's mine. i tried for hours to customize my page and then i see others and instantly feel pathetic haha. i need some desperate help!

so i am going to try to set time apart every other day or so to get my blog cute and updated more than once a month :) 

if anyone has suggestions let me know! thank you and love ya all:)

oh p.s. tomorrow is my big drs appointment where i hear everything about my surgery. then tuesday is back to work. dun dun dun!!! wish me luck <3

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