Monday, January 24, 2011

30-day blog challenge: day one

my best friend started this blog challenge and i find it very cute and fun so i will join in too :)

Day 1 - Your current relationship status

i am currently single and surprisingly very happy about it. sure i know valentines day is coming up and every girl dreams of having that one valentines day they never forget. to be picked up with a bouquet of flowers, taken to a romantic dinner, and to dance til the clock strikes midnight. but my goal for this year is to start falling in love with myself so i can allow another to fall in love with me. i haven't dated much and have never been in a "serious" relationship but i think that's because God has protected me from hurts and kept my heart mostly whole. the broken pieces have always been my fault, not Him. but i am happy where i am at and focusing less on getting married and finally having that family i have always dreamed of and focusing on the places i want to go and the things i want to do before i get married. i am still young and have so much life ahead of me. this is the time now for me and God. its just us against the world <3 its time for me to get myself back together and ready and He is ultimately the One i would love to be whole for.

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