Tuesday, January 25, 2011

30-day blog challenge: day two

Day 2: Where You’d Like to Be in 10 Years?

where would i like to be in ten years? well i guess the only way to attack this question is completely and totally honestly and with the dreams of a little girl :) in ten years i would love to be married to the man of my dreams. although i dont know who he is yet i hope somewhere in those ten years (preferably the sooner years!) that i find him and fall completely in love with him. i hope we have the wedding i have been dreaming of and a beautiful house to live in. i would like to be out of california and possibly somewhere on the east coast. the only place i have been there is new york but i think the lower states (the carolinas maybe <3) might be a nice match for me. i would like to live somewhere that have block parties on weekends, parades on the fourth of july, and a wholesomeness that allows my children to be able to play outside without any fear on my end. i would love a big victorian house with a big dog and an american flag hung on the porch. all in all i would like the ideal nicholas sparks book life (but not the books where someone dies...oh wait...that's all of them!)

i would like to have my parents living nearby so when they get older i don't have to worry about them.. i would love to have my best friends families nearby as well so we can have picnics and go on double date nights. i want to live in a community driven town and find a church i can invest myself and my family in.

i would like to have figured out my career and finished school (if only!). if i could i would love to spend a few of my ten years in other countries throughout south america and africa. i want to help the broken and love the hurting. whether or not i have a husband with me through this part of my life i would hope sometime in the near future and can invest the love and skills i have into the unreached and unloved parts of the world. i would like to find a career where i can continue to travel and see the world as well as have roots planted home and let my kids have the kind of upbringing i had that didn't include moving a lot.

and lastly and most importantly i would like to be fully and completely in love with God and deeper in the relationship i have with him :)

that's a lot of dreams for ten years but anything can happen <3


  1. i love your plan :) hopefully we'll be living in the same little town and our husbands can go be manly together and our kids can be best friends and we can throw all kinds of fun 4th of july barbecues and cute Christmas parties together!

  2. that sounds like it would be the most perfect thing ever :) us taking turns carpooling to soccer and spending weekends getting crepes and catching up with each others busy lives. what a life <3