Friday, December 17, 2010

baby it's cold outside

i am laying in bed and all i can hear is the gargling noise of the rain through the slamming sound of the wind against my window. it sounds like a waterfall is right outside my sliding glass door. and while as a kid these noises would terrify me and send me running for my parents room, these sounds tonight are comforting. storms can cause a lot of damage and ruin many things. but the One who is creating the storm knows exactly what He's doing. and i feel like that i might relate to this jungle of noises outside my window much more than i thought. my life lately had been nothing short of a storm. everything seems to be falling apart. my health, friendships, my job, and my home life. i feel like i have been treading water and slowly i am sinking. but laying here in bed i realize that God knows what He's doing. this place i am at right now sucks but much like this storm things will be better and these trials i am going through will end. sometimes God uses the strangest things to show us how powerful and big He truly is. 

with that i must go to sleep and prepare myself for my first trip out of town with my mom ever. good night all :) love you <3 


  1. this made me think of a blog that lauren coppage just posted that touched my heart, and i thought i would share it with you:

    Finally, I had to say goodbye to 2 of my neighbors who were leaving this morning. That was rough, but it got worse when I had to say goodbye to 2 more later today. Sure we still have facebook, but these goodbyes weren't your usual "see ya around" goodbyes. We will probably be an ocean apart for most of our lives. Still, everything is happening in good time. Solomon knew what he was talking about when he said there is a time for everything under the sun. There's a time to make new friends, and there's a time to say goodbye. Here's another guy who knew what he was talking about - Plato. He said that when humans find "the good" in life, they want to keep it forever. It's true. We have hearts that long for eternity, but our lives are temporary. It's weird to think that I'm saying goodbye to a chapter in my life that has been unlike any other. I don't have a plan for the next stage of my life, but I'm glad that God does, and He knows way more about life than both Solomon and Plato did."

    i really loved that. that's her season right now: good-bye. your season is something different, but it is just a season. there is a purpose in your hardship. and although you don't know what's next, God does. and if you let tomorrow rest with Him, it will be enough. :) He will be enough. what will He do with tomorrow? never mind. He knows what to do with it. but He will resurrect you. new life will come forth.

    i'm glad you are seeing that He is holding you (and the storm) in the midst of this season. He will never let you down.

    love you<3

  2. this is such a beautiful little post.