Monday, December 20, 2010

a windy weekend

ah finally in my own bed. i know i was only gone one night but sleeping somewhere else over night always makes me appreciate my bed even more each time. if mattresses and people could be married i would be the first one to do it :)

anyways. i am home from my trip to san francisco with my mother and it definitely was a good trip. the drive there was easy and it barely was raining. we listened to katy perry and one of the mixed cds char made me for my birthday this year. 

first we went to the pier and walked around. it was salty and wet once we got there and a little bit awful. plus it's a total tourist trap so all those obnoxious people who stop walking in the middle of the sidewalk were all over so that was loads of fun. but the pier is always a place that reminds me of some of my favorite times with my favorite people so i always love going there.

after an hour and some in-n-out we headed to our hotel which was beautiful. we had our car valet parked and had a few hours before we could check in so we went shopping! we went to macys, saks fifth avenue, barneys, and bloomingdales. all the expensive stores i can't afford. but we looked around and it was nice. then we checked in, freshened up, dressed up and went looking for dinner. on the way we stopped at tiffany's (my fav) and i ended up trying on a ring that cost $89,000. yep. eighty nine THOUSAND dollars. for a ring. although i must admit it is the most gorgeous diamond i have ever seen in my life. it literally took my breath away it was that flawless. i am still thinking about it now but that's something i have comes to terms with that i will
never own. which is okay by me. because if a man spent close to one hundred thousand dollars on a ring for me then i would be with a crazy person. you can buy a house for that much! anyways it was ridiculous. 

so after looking at a few overpriced restaurants we found a bistro in norstroms overlooking union square with a reasonably priced menu. and the food was AHMAZING. i have never eaten anything that delicious in my life. i am hungry thinking about it right now! so that was lovely :) then we went shopping a little while longer and i was exhausted i could barely walk. also all the stores had the heater on so every single store was like a sauna. so by eleven we were in our robes in our hotel room and in our fluffy down comforter beds ready for sleep. 

sunday was starbucks for breakfast and watching people with their colorful umbrellas running in the rain from the coffee shop widow. that might have been one of my favorite parts. just watching the people hustle and bustle outside the window when everything inside was calm. we shopped a little bit, i got some cute rainboots and godiva chocolate dipped strawberries. then we packed up, relaxed, checked out and headed home. it was a nice little weekend getaway and i really enjoyed the alone time with my mom i have been desperately craving. 

other then that it's only five days til christmas and i am excited for the new year. not just because i will be spending it with my best friend in southern california but because i am ready for something new to begin. i am definitely ready for a new start. and no i am not setting unrealistic new years resolutions because they never last but i am making much needed life changes. and it's always good to have a new start to begin new changes. who knows what 2011 will bring? i certainly don't. but i am willing to wait and find out as it happens. eleven days :)

anyways i am going to head off to bed. please pray that i continue to give all the hardships and trials i have been going through to God and that i will have patience in waiting for His answers. i have felt stuck and i am ready to be rid of this rut and begin living again. 

<3 goodnight 

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  1. i love the little paragraph in here about your day on sunday :) the umbrellas and hustle and bustle and rainboots and strawberries. ahhh, the simplest things are, more often than not, the most beautiful things.

    this made me miss san francisco so much!