Saturday, July 18, 2009


today at charlas we were looking through a lot of her old things and she had found a poem i wrote about four years ago. sometimes i use to think my feelings werent as strong as they really were. but reading back over this poem...i realize i really did love him. its so weird to see this and see what i wrote and realize that i actually felt that strongly for someone once. i never thought i could ever feel this way about anyone before. its so weird. it is though, one of my most favorite things i have ever written.

thinking about you again
keep racing through my thoughts
the smallest thing reminds me of you
and it brings a smirk to my lips
that spreads to a giggle
that ends up being a whole body smile
a smile that lasts all day long

how can one person cause such an effect
and change a person
to cause a person to be sick to their stomache from the way they smile
and cry...and not because they are sad...but because they cant contain

their joy anymore

lyrics from songs i wish were ours
quotes from poems i wish we shared
shooting stars i wish you were wishing on for me
and so many pennies i lost to the wishing well

pain and heartache overcome me now
living without you is unbearable
seeing you with someone else and not me
knowing we are so perfect for each other
how can you not see it?
there is no you without me

i feel as though we will be together some day
some day...
when will that day come
everyday is a struggle
to get by not thinking about you
i dont want to feel this way
but my heart tells me yes
looking deep inside my heart the only thing i see is

please god i dont want to have another heartbreak
and another dream shattered
help me
help me get over this pain in my chest
this barrier in my heart

i have to keep loving you
no matter how many tears shed
and diaries destroyed
no matter the outcome
i need to be with you

if that day never comes
where we are together
what will become of me?
will we go our separate ways?
and loose all contact?

even if i never see you again
i will remember you
every laugh line on your face and every memory i have of you
your blazing brown eyes full of adventure and excitement
and even the face you make when you are sad

some say i dont know you
but i feel in my heart i do know you
the real you
not the person you are infront of everyone else but they person you are

afraid to be
the person who is afraid of what lies ahead on this crazy road called

but i want to be there to overcome those obstacles with you and pick

you up when you have fallen

what hurts more then anything else is you dont know
you dont know how i feel for you
how i am breathless from your presence and how i go numb when i look

into your eyes
its like a dagger in my heart to see you with her
holding her hand and playing with her hair
how i wish that lock of hair around you finger could be mine and that

hand you're holding onto ever so tight would belong to me

i want you to know
that as the seasons change and so does the color of your hair
i will always love you for the real you
the real taylor

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  1. i still love everything this poem is. not because it's perfect, but actually because it's imperfect. because it's raw and real and personal.

    and it still makes my heart hurt. not in the same way it did when i first read it, but just in remembering. how much time has passed and how much things have changed. how much WE'VE changed. but some things will be a part of you forever. and that's okay :)