Saturday, July 18, 2009


wow its so weird to read this. i wrote this maybe....two years ago? so crazy to think about. im not a big fan but its something i wrote and would like to put in my blog. i can only seem to write when im heartbroken
tears crash down from my eyes
creating little rivers on my cheeks
each carrying a memory of you
its a flood of emotions all across my face
ive tried daming them back
but you keep breaking it down somehow

i blocked you out, sealed off all the leaks
but then a tiny drop of water slipped through the crack
and a memory of you splashes on me
and it makes me numb ato remember you
the way we would laugh and joke
the way i felt so beautiful when i was around you
and a rock from my dam slowly starts to crumble

then another slips, and splashes on my chest
landing right on my heart
and it makes me sore to remember you
the way you would look holding my guitar
the way your eyes literally shined when they were locked with mine
and with that, a block from my foundation falls

soon leaks and memories are pouring through the dam i put up
you're breaking me down

i try with everything in me to keep you out
but i know i cant keep myself away from you
i cant fight the feeling anymore
and now the wall i fought so hard to keep up has collapsed
im swimming in an ocean of every memory i have of you
of every glance. every song. every late night conversation ive shared with you
im drowing in all of you

my heart is now racing
my lungs gasping for some air
you've drenched me in all of us
you have completely captivated me
all i feel is you in my heart
in every ounce of me
and it makes me feel alive to remember you

and i wouldnt have it any other way

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  1. wow, this crazy made my heart hurt.
    i love the imagery in this.