Sunday, April 19, 2009


A few of my friends have been talking about doing this and I feel like its time I join them. I will be making a list of everything and anything I could ever want in a husband. Stupid things, serious things, even ridicuous things. Just to spill my heart out on this blog to see what kind of man is on my heart :) I feel kinda silly for doing this, but I guess its a good thing to get the desires of my heart out there in the open. Im sure there are a lot more things out there that I would like in a man, especially once I meet one, but these are just some I would like. And if a man doesnt have all these things it doesnt mean I wont still fall in love with him!


hes a strong chrisitan. a virgin. republican. pro life. wants to travel this world with me. loves children. appreciates art. enjoys being outside. shares my love of the ocean. likes things because they are important to me. a protector. nuturing. loves my family. loves this country. patriotic. stands up for what he believes to be right. encouraging. strong and manly. likes to go camping. fishing. plays an instrument. loves music (a deep passion) loves me. likes spending time with his friends and my friends. respects women. loves animals. likes to hold hands. respects elders. wants to have kids. has a heart for ministry and missions. nice smile. supports his family. isnt crazy about cars. likes playing sports and being outside. likes picnics and bbqs. encourages me in my faith. allows me to be me. not judgmental. doesnt do drugs or party. wants to go to africa, ireland, india, australia, and isreal and all the other places that i desire. adventerous. good with kids. not dominating or controlling. wants to same out of life as me.

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