Monday, November 3, 2014

| november update |

i've been a failure of a blogger.
i wish i had some better excuse as to why i haven't been writing but honestly, i don't. i've been workin, schoolin, and livin. i wish i had the time to sit down and write out everything i've been doing but that would take a century. 

so i'll try my best to cover the bases. 

1) i finally have a job! after a stressful ten months of on and off work, potential lawsuits, and unorganized management, i have landed a job working for the european wax center and i absolutely LOVE it. i adore my coworkers, my manager is amazing, and i get to talk about beauty and skin all day. what could possibly be better? i also just landed a part time seasonal gig working for sephora through the holidays. i foresee lots and lots of makeup and presents in the near future.

2) i am in a relationship! i know i mentioned b in my last post but i haven't really had the opportunity to write about him. we met back in july, embarrassingly enough, from a dating app. yes, i met my boyfriend on tinder. but before you judge me i promise you that we both aren't the typical tinder folks. the only reason why i made a profile was because my friends little sister had recently broken up with someone and we were having a girls day together and she showed me some of the fellas that came through on her profile and i thought, hot damn, lemme get one of them! so i made a profile, which consisted of five words describing me and a few pictures. i had a few creepers try to holler and see if i was interested in casual sex with them within the first hour, which honestly, is 96% of tinder, but i decided i would keep my profile for a week or so. later that evening i had a mutual interest or "match" if you will with bobby and we hit it off. he was polite, interesting, and engaging. pretty much nothing i've ever had with any person of the opposite sex before. he said we should grab a beer sometime and talk (he actually wanted to get together to hear more about my writing,  a winner, i know!) and me being dumb and paranoid actually blew him off. i was afraid he was trying to get me liquored up and be a typical gross guy. i never responded to his text and we didn't talk for about a week. i ignored my profile and a few days later, right before the 4th of july, i got back on. i guess on tinder you can post "moments" which is pretty much just a picture of you and if you and a person are a match it pops up on their screen. you can either swipe right if you like it or swipe left if you are uninterested (the whole concept of tinder) and i didn't realize that same rule applied to the pictures so i was sliding all of the pictures people posted left then right then left then right just trying to get them off my screen! well i guess in the process i had liked one of bobbys pictures. talking to him now he took that as i was still interested in him since he hadn't heard from me when he had asked me out for a drink and he messaged me again. we started talking again, texting each other away from the app, and a few days later we met up at a dimple record store. and we hit it off. we walked around and laughed and then we went to a starbucks down the street (don't worry, i drove separate haha) and we ended up talking for four hours! he was goofy, strange, polite, and interesting in all the best ways. i wasn't sure if i was interested as a friend or if i liked him more but after a few more dates, a guitar lesson, and him getting a ride all the way out to elk grove to drive me home when i had a little bit too much to drink at 1am i decided he was definitely something special. we've had our ups and downs (mostly all of them being related to my insecurities and wounds from other relationships) but i realize that i've truly found someone special. i could gush about him for hours and hours but i'm sure all of you don't wanna read about that. but i will say i found a guy who takes me to his parents house for dinner and dances and spins me around in our socks, even when his family is watching. and i found a man who is confident enough to wear a pair of leopard prints pants to dress up with me on halloween and lets me listen to my new taylor swift cd in the car (on repeat). and i found someone who buys me stuffed animal kitties and bunnies because i can't have one on my own and remembers that i like my bean burritos grilled from taco bell when he wakes up at 2am to drive to my house and hand feed them to me when i had a little too much to drink (i promise im not an alcoholic!). i always thought romance was in the giant gestures, chasing after a departing plane, but i'm slowly starting to realize it's in the kisses on the forehead and remembering of little details. i know i'm a lucky lady and i hope i can work to show him how much i do appreciate him. 

3) i am at a crossroad with my schooling. i am one class away from being able to transfer to a 4-year university. and as exciting as that is, i am once again considering going to get my esthetician's license. it's something i've wanted for a long time but have put off to the side because i felt like i wouldn't be as successful or that people would judge me if i didn't get my 4-year degree. but my support system, the people who love me most, won't think any less of me and i think in the grand scheme of things, that's really the only thing that is important. i have a few more weeks to decide what i want to do. but in the meantime, any prayers or positive thoughts you can offer up would be greatly appreciated. 

4) i miss writing. i promise i will try harder to post more and keep up with it. it's something i love deeply and won't regret doing when i look back.

anyways, i'll post more soon. definitely including some pictures and more details.

but for now i leave you with some x's and o's

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