Wednesday, May 7, 2014

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these past few weeks have been crazy and busy and exciting. here is a little glimpse into my past few weeks

strawberry ice cream on a day trip to nevada city
me and jordan at the scotts flatt lake
me laughing when jordan tried to take my picture haha
austin sitting in the gold miners pan so "it looks like he's panning for me". day trip to auburn complete with a park swinging session, delicious mexican food, and a pretty drive
austin's mom's dog, wilson. she is seriously the cutest thing ever. i can't even handle it. 
macncheese fries at sacto mo fo food truck night. me and jordan literally waited in line for 45 minutes for these bad boys and they did not disappoint 
me and austin at his mom's friends house. we bbq'd, played tennis, went hot tubbing and watched a gorgeous sunset
part of the sunset from the above mentioned night

thats all i have for now friends. love you all

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