Friday, April 11, 2014

| july |

i want to be july
filled with long, hot days

to smell of sweet fruit salads
and overly sweetened punch

i want my body to taste of salty ocean tears
and for my hair to twist and tangle into knots from the sea's mist

i want flowers to seep from my pores
and for trees to take up roots inside me

i want to be the first one awake and the last one to fall asleep
for my voice to carry the lullabies of hundreds of summer anthems

i want for each and every day to feel like a holiday
with barbecues and fireworks that trace long into the last hours of the night

i want to be something people look forward to
and are so sad when i'm gone

i want to be a reminder of summer
of memories and times where tears streamed down cheeks from laughing so hard

i want to be the heart of summer
i want to be happiness
i want to be that one thing that make you feel young again
 i want to be july

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