Wednesday, April 2, 2014


hello friends
happy wednesday :)
i'm sorry i've been so absent has just been getting in the way
but i am happy to share a few things going on with me in the meantime while i work on some bigger more thought out blogs

|one| i've been spending a bunch of time with my guys friends. we hike, make bonfires, throw darts, and go on nighttime adventures. it has been so relaxing and exciting to spend time with people who don't spend their entire lives seeking out drama.

|two| one of my childhood friends moved back to sacramento and him and i have been spending a lot of time together. it's crazy to think how much has changed in all these years and how much bad stuff has happened yet, we still hang out like a bunch of 10 year olds. its been really, really fun.

|three| one of my close friends from texas has been a huge source of support in these past few weeks. i've been through some weird ups and some even stranger downs and talking to him about that has been really fantastic. he sees things from a perspective i don't fully understand but it's amazing to know when someone truly cares about you and wants the best for you. that is truly the best. 

|four| my dad and i haven't really been seeing each other eye to eye in these past few weeks but he wrote me the sweetest email in the world and i've read it and reread it a hundred times since he sent it. it's a really personal email but i just wanted to share this little bit because it made me cry. "When you have been out of the house I am constantly thinking and worrying about you. I love everything about you, how smart you are, how funny you are, how you know exactly what kind of man you want to marry, your resolve to be who you are. I love it all." as a woman, it's hard to feel accepted and loved in today's society. if you don't fit into this tiny little bubble you don't feel like you are deserving of love. i know that's something i've struggled with a lot. i've known my dad has loved me my whole life but actually seeing the words was something so very special to me. it made me feel so beautiful and delighted in. from the inside out. 

all in all my life has been pretty great as of lately. men, good ones, have been rallying around me and helping me see that not all men are awfulhorribledevilishmonsters haha. i've been spending time with guys and doing "manly" things but i have never felt more feminine. and i think that's pretty fantastic. 

i love you all.
have a great rest of your week

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