Wednesday, January 9, 2013

i haven't had much time since the new year to really sit down and write out my resolutions, future plans, and the little details about the end of the year that i want to remember for all time. so i decided to add pictures of my last few weeks to tie me over til i make time to write about it all. and also, just because i can :)

my dirty dancing (favorite movie) christmas present from jessica. she stenciled baby and johnny and glued it onto a lacy black scarf then framed it. it's currently hanging on my wall above my bed :)
looking at christmas lights with melissa, nate, and richard. hot chocolates, mall trips, christmas tree pictures, and hand holding. one of my favorite nights from this winter.
christmas day with my brother. traditional weird picture. 
christmas day tequila shots and beers with melissa. all the boys were playing video games and the two of us went and hid in the kitchen and stumbled upon beer and tequila. we toasted and cheered to eighteen years of friendship and giggled all night.
celebrated christmas with my lovely tara by exchanging gifts, going to old spaghetti factory (our fav), and going to see monster inc. in 3D after a long target shopping spree. we ended the night at a sweet little coffee shop talking over jasmine tea and chai lattes about our resolutions and hopes for the new year and our friendship. perfect sunday <3 b="b">
a whole entire day of kate+char time while she was in town. we started the morning stopping at our usual starbucks and filled our bellies with everything bagels and tea and coffee. we sang along to music and drove all the way out to davis to explore a new town we've never been to before. it felt like it was about -20 degrees outside so after walking around for a little bit we hopped back in the car and drove back home. after visiting with one of char's friends we went and got sushi at our favorite place. this was a picture we took waiting to get a table. two marble sodas, a miso soup, and two yellow bellies later we were stuffed girls. 

we continued our day date and did the thing we both have been wanting to do together for years! we got best friend tattoos which were both of our first tattoos. char got her's on her wrist and i got mine on my foot. we both drew the other person's heart and the tattoo artist traced it. i am so glad i got to share that with her. 
my foot tattoo. the heart is so little and dainty and it makes me smile 
<3 b="b">
we ended the night over shots of blueberry vodka and beers. we played pool with her brother, kyle, and her boyfriend, ethan. we giggled, made cheers, and enjoyed spending time as real best friends. we've lived away from each other for over two years now so sometimes we forget what it feels like to be able to call the other person and ask to grab a quick dinner. my favorite part of the night was giggling with my best friend and showing everyone our new tattoos. one guy couldn't get over how excited i was for such a little tattoo. it's not just the tattoo i was excited about. sure, its cute and makes me happy. but the reason i was so happy, the reason i am so happy, is because of the person i got to share it with. i love my best friend <3 i="i">here's to fifteen years of friendship and hopefully hundreds of fiftteen's more. 
new years dinner and pictures with my best :)
one of the only pictures i got from the new years party. me and matt.
new years day taco bell and movie day
dinner+movie date with bree. pita pit and django unchained. we laughed through the previews and throughout the whole movie. we always have such good times together <3 b="b">
1am trips to walmart with this red headed lady. i picked her up from the airport at midnight and after some in-n-out (florida doesnt have them!), we went to walmart and stayed up all night catching up on the past few months we haven't seen each other. 

and now i am a sicky sickerson with no voice. it could be because i've been running non stop the past few weeks between midnight shifts at work and catching up with old friends. so lots and lots of rest are in order for me. i am only a week and a half into two thousand and thirteen and im stating to feel more and more excited for this new year. new jobs. new friends. new adventures. who knows where i will end up. all i know is right now i am going to enjoy my time with jordan while she is in town, eat too much johns incredible pizza, listen to fall out boy on repeat, and stay up way past my bedtime. and for now, that's all i could possibly want or need.


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  1. You're amazing and I love more then words can say!