Wednesday, December 12, 2012

a little weekend update

i haven't taken much time to sit down and write these past few weeks but i figured since this is my first night home i should spend some time tapping the keys of my old friend.

my life lately was been a whirlwind. i've been up. i've been down. and quite frankly i've been tossed all around. but despite a few bad days here and there i am genuinely happy. as i write this right now i am deep down to the core happy. maybe it's because i just had a fantastic weekend.

after making some monday thursday night babysitting i spent the afternoon getting ready to go out with some of my old coworkers later in the evening. before i left i spent some time talking to my dad about some serious stuff and a little bit more time talking about not so serious stuff. like how to perfect the perfect air guitar stance. we listened to a cd i burned him and jammed out with our air banding selves. after i swept on some plum lipstick i set off to meet the girls at our usual spot. my old boss dave was there so him, carrol, and bree talked to me over blue moons and coors light while we laughed and updated each other on how we've been. bree's friend jason came and i invited my friend's sean and jessica to meet us for a beer. we laughed, swapped funny stories, and talked the evening away. it was so nice and relaxing to be able to just sit and talk to people i really care all at once. after a few hours i broke away from the group and made my way to an old sports bar in roseville to meet up with one of my old friends for our usual catch up on life. he's someone who has always been really important to me so im so glad i got to see him. i ended my friday evening sharing a pile of disgusting fried food at mels with jess and playing our game apps in my bed til four in the morning when we finally fell asleep.
babysitting thursday night

going out on the town and getting fancy 

 we, jess and i, had planned to go to san francisco in the morning with melissa but when eight am rolled around none of us were game to get up and go. so instead we slept in, layed in bed all day, and once we decided to venture out of my room cave, we got food and cuddled around the fire in the living room and watched the hunger games with my parents. which of course, was a highlight of the weekend. oh peeta. <3 span="span">
sigh<3 p="p">
after the movie and a long shower jess and i decided we needed to get out of the house and try something new. we called up melissa and nate and after two hours of getting ready, a pit stop at the gas station for energy drinks, and a few different trips to pick up everyone we decided to go out and experience the night life of old roseville. our group mainly goes out in midtown because richard and nate live down there but the crowd is negative and we were getting tired of the same ole' every weekend. and i have to say i fell in love with old roseville. they had christmas lights wrapping around the trees and framing the gutters of the old buildings. and it felt safe. security and police were everywhere and it. was. so. clean! definitely a big change from midtown. i had one drink at the beginning of the night but the rest of us decided to skip drinking and spent the rest of the night dirnking energy drinks and dancing our booties off. some of the places we went weren't very busy so i optomized the space and practiced some break dancing and my jazz hands routine. all in all the four of us had a sober and fun night and all left feeling great about exploring new places. i can't wait to go back again and see what else we can discover.
gotta drank in my hand

me and nate


me and melissa<3 p="p">
sunday morning i woke up and went with my parents to get our christmas tree at the farm we have been going to for the past few years. we walked around, took silly pictures, and practiced our "sutton emergency call for help" when we couldn't find each other in the tree's. (imagine an indian war cry mixed with a wolf howl. i blame my dad for making me do it. oddly enough we were able to find each other from really far away haha. maybe he's onto something.) once we finished lunch i got home and finally got the call from my new job to start training! jess asked if i wanted to go to young adults church with her and her sister, rachel, so i agreed. she told me it was ugly christmas sweater night so i slapped on my light up and flashing christmas shirt my mom bought me last year and an old man lumpy sweater i borrowed from a friend. the three of us dressed up and looked awkward and silly when we walked in to find out the christmas party wouldn't be until the following weekend. what a way to make a first impression! "hi my name is kate..and yes the tree on my shirt does light up!" haha but it was fun and i really enjoyed being around everyone and back in church. nate, melissa, and richard all met up with us afterwards and we got dinner at chillis.
on our way to get our tree!
my dads so cool

he said, "take a picture of me and this awesome tree" haha



ugly christmas sweaters 

dinnnnner with jess



but i have to say my favorite part of the weekend was sunday night after dinner. we split off to go look at christmas lights so only richard, melissa, me and nate ended up going. it was pretty late so not all the lights were turned on but i was bundled up in my big green jacket and boots so i was a happy camper. well, happy camper is a bit of an understatement. i was ecstatic  the only thing i love more than christmas lights is fireworks and its a close race. so walking around in the last few hours of evening with my closest and dearest friends with the decemeber cold pinching my cheeks i could barely contain my happiness. i squeaked and smiled so big my cheeks hurt and bounced up and down. the four of us held hands and walked down the street and i swear my heart grew a hundred times bigger. having my fingers interlaced in their hands, in his hands, was definitely one of the best moments on the night. when we drove back to the house i listened to hear you me by jimmy eat world and i knew in that moment there was nothing else in the world that could have made me happier. 
<3 p="p">

so there it weekend. and i have to say it was an amazing one. i got to spend time with all the people i love and enjoy the love and amazement of being happy.

i hope you all had amazing weekends <3 p="p">


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