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i was tagged in a post quite some time ago and im just now finally getting around to it. sorry! i was given the liebster blog award. 
pretty much i write eleven facts about myself then answer eleven questions she asked me:) normally you are suppose to bestow the award upon someone else but the person i would give it to has already received it. 

so here it goes:

eleven little things about me:

one) i yearn for adventure. when i see a globe or map my heartbeat picks up at the possibility of all the unknown just waiting to be discovered. i love to look up pictures of places all over the world that i hope to see one day. ever since i can remember i have had to desire to explore or to roam. whenever i get on the freeway i have an internal battle as to whether or not i should just keep driving until i find something new or until i run out of gas. usually i give in to common sense and get off the freeway exit i am suppose to. but only usually:)

two) i really don't like my toes. which is weird because i love getting pedicures and being barefoot. recently, my friend pointed out that i curl my toes when im sitting down. now that she said that its all i can pay attention to. im not quite sure why i do it but its a comfort thing. i also like tucking my hair into the back of my sweater or scarf. it makes me feel secure but people think it's weird. i guess the point of this is to point out i am weird. 

three) i really, really hate meatloaf. 
but boy do i love chocolate chip cookies.

four) i always wanted to be a girl that could drink a beer and play the acoustic guitar. i wanted to be able to drink beer because in the notebook allie drinks one and she looked so cute doing it. stupid reason, i know. plus i figured being able to drink beer makes you way less prissy than if you order something with an umbrella (which are still delicious, but you get my point). and with the guitar i wanted to be able to play one of my favorite instruments. i have successfully become a fan of beer but the dang guitar seems to hate me. one day though. one day.
five) waking up to a good morning text makes my day 100 times better. every time.

six) i love writing. i think it is the one time in my life where i truly am able to express myself, all of myself, and be heard the way i always wanted to be. i come alive in nouns and linking verbs and in each sentence i write i find a little bit more of myself. i also don't ever edit or change my writing. once it is written it is completed. my writing is a photograph of who i am in that moment and to change it would be to change the author who wrote those words. 

seven) my room is always messy. no matter how hard i try to keep it clean it will always be cluttered with clothes on the floor. but i cannot stand a messy kitchen or bathroom. it totally grosses me out.

eight) i think i was meant to be a mermaid. i love the water and have ever since i was a little girl. i was on my first swim team when i was three and swam competitively for over ten years. im the most comfortable in the pool or in any body of water. i could swim forever.

nine) fall is my favorite time of the year. cold and windy weather. scarves. boots. leg warmers. leaves. chai lattes. trees changing color. the smell of baked goods. pumpkin everything. festivals and carnivals. candles. hand holding. the giving of thanks. family and friends. all of it. it makes my heart so happy. i look forward to it every year and miss it whenever its gone.
ten) i have this strange desire in my heart that yearns for something. something i don't know. sometimes it makes me happy at the idea for something grand. and sometimes it makes me cry because im just so sad. because i miss something but i don't know what it is. its kind of that feeling when you finish an amazing book. one that is life changing. you know you will never have a chance to read that book for the first time again. and when you see people carrying on with their lives as if nothing has changed. that they cant see the change that was made in you. its like that. its so indescribable. but my heart yearns for the greatness in life and cries at the beauty of the unknown. 
eleven) i spend a lot of my day daydreaming. about life. falling in love. my wedding. being a mama. traveling the country. coffee dates with my best friend in fifty years. who i will become. what i will see. how i will change. what i will accomplish. all of those things and hundreds more. i have a dreamers soul. one thing i hope never changes.

okay that was much harder than expected! now to answer the individual questions she asked me:

1. where is your happy place?  the one place you love escaping to to find peace, comfort, joy?

-somewhere, anywhere on the road. driving over miles and miles of freeway. with the windows down and one of my favorite songs playing. i can tune out life and be content with simply being myself and being by myself.

2. what is your dream job?

-i wish i knew the answer to this question but i don't  but i know there are quite a few things i would love doing. i would love to get into film. to run a set and let my ideas fly free. i would love to have a job that allowed me to travel and write about all the things i see. i would love a job that allowed me to love on people all day and to show Jesus in my actions.

3. if i were in town visiting for only one day, where would you take me? what would we eat, what sights would we see?

-oh goodness! well since it is autumn i would take you up to apple hill. we could wrap ourselves in scarves and cardigans and stroll around through arts and crafts and fall themed decorations. we could snack on apple doughnuts and sip on apple cider until our bellies were full. next i would take you on a drive. show you all the sights. all the trees changing colors and beautiful mountains within such a short distance. eventually i would take you to downtown sacramento and we could walk around all the cute shops in old sacramento and get dinner and crepes at crepeville. we could talk over nutella and coffee and enjoy the other persons company. since its your only night in town once the sun set i would load us in the car with some blankets and drive up to a spot called heaven. it over looks the whole city and we could sip hot drinks and stay up there all night and feel invincible and free.

4. tell me what your ideal outfit looks like--one that makes you feel the cutest while still the most like yourself.

-my ideal outfit would be a pair of patterned tights and a cute little feminine dress. a pair of legwarmers and boots. a scarf and cardigan and a slouchy beanie. my hair would be wavy and my makeup natural and light. 

5.  if you could go back in time to witness any event in history, which would it be and why? 

-this question was literally the hardest one for me to answer. there were so many ideas that came to my mind and not a single one seems good enough. i honestly think i would want to be in any event to witness Jesus performing a miracle or listening to Him speak. to simply just be in the presence of Him. 

6.  what song/which artist is on repeat for you right now?  and please, name more than one! 

-bon iver- blood bank
iron&wine- endless numbered days
pricilla ahn- dream
jimmy eat world- my sundown
rosi golan- hazy <------listened to this one the whole time i filled this out
boyce avenue- somebody i use to know

7. what are you looking forward to the most about fall?

-im most looking forward to rainy mornings spent laying around reading while sipping on hot tea. afternoons bundled up running errands. and evenings driving in the cold darkness. explosions in the sky kind of music weather and holiday cheer filling the air. and all the smells of fall. leaves. rain. pumpkin. spice. food. all of it. ahh be still my heart<3 font="font">

8. tell me about a weird pet peeve that you have.

-i cant stand when people get a new roll of toilet paper but they wont actually put it on the dispenser. they set it on the counter right next to it. or when my family members don't refill the water purifier. it literally fills me with rage! why should they get cold water but no one else gets to. its stupid. 

9. which of these 4 would be your number one and why: mountains, city, country, ocean?

-oh man! i love them all. that's really hard. i think at this point in my life i would pick the mountains. waking up to foggy skies and the smell of pine trees every morning would simply be enough to make my heart grow three sizes. 

10. what is your favorite thing to make in the kitchen?

-well since i cant really cook to save my life i would say i would make applesauce cake. its an old sutton recipe and its simply divine. its also good for breakfast, lunch, dessert, or a snack. and its a really easy thing to make:)

11. what is something you're learning/God's teaching you in this season?

-God has been romancing my heart in a way i have never experienced before. He is teaching me to be at peace. to trust Him. to give up all my expectations and plans and lists and just trust that He has my best interest in mind always. He is also showing me that i am truly beautiful which many of my readers know i struggle with. i am the happiest and the most confused i have ever been in my entire life and i have to tell you it is so wonderful. im so much more free not trying to control my life anymore. i am simply enjoying the beauty of being still and taken care of.

alright kids that'a a wrap! finally got it done:) thanks char for giving me this award and challenge!

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